Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recent Happenings.

With the year nearly over, I think that it's time for a little life update post. Lots of little things have been happening, and I'd love to share them. Specifically regarding my pregnancy, a death, and an adoption... we've got it all.

I will be 21 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow and I'm still feeling pretty good. Love that 2nd trimester. I'm wearing maternity pants, but still wear mostly pre-preg tops. The weight gain has stayed under control, but this is how it was with Dylan- normal gain until I hit about 5 months and then boom! the pounds started packing on at an alarming rate- 8 pounds each month for like three months straight. Yikes.

Unfortunately we have no idea what we are going to name this little guy. Any suggestions are appreciated! Our main requirement is that the name is something you've heard of- nothing too obscure. Also, nothing too trendy and NO ridiculous, Utah unique spelling. 

We haven't done much planning for this little guy's arrival, although I did make one baby purchase a few weeks ago:
Not to worry, though. I have big plans for Baby #2's nursery... the color scheme is already decided and will be discussed at length on a future post. My lovely mother is willing to make another bedding set, which I'm sure will look fantastic.

One sad thing that I shared on facebook but not the blog was the death of our sweet cat, Moo. He had been having kidney problems since he was just a year old, and after five years of special food, medication, sub-q fluids, and many vet appointments it was clear that his time had come. On November 5th we put him down. We told Dylan that Moo went to heaven to live with Jesus. He seemed ok with that, but Dylan has since changed the story and says that Moo lives at the airport in an airplane. I'll take it!

We thought about getting a kitten a few weeks after Moo was gone, since our other cat Oscar seemed pretty lonely and sad. On December 19th, Dylan and I went to the local animal shelter and adopted a little kitten and named her Stella. We all love her- especially Dylan. We've really been working on teaching him to be soft with her and there has only been one incident of him picking her up by the head : /

I want to share details about my birthday and Christmas, but that will have to wait for another day. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby #2 {The Details}

First off, thank you friends for all the Facebook and blog love following our happy announcement. Your sweet words are so appreciated. I thought that I would provide some details on our new addition, as well as share how our family has been doing with the news.

When am I due? I'm due on May 12 (Mother's Day!), which puts me at just over 17 weeks along. 

Do you know the gender? Yes! We found out that we're having another boy at my last appointment, just before Thanksgiving. We were really, really hoping to have another boy, so we were so excited when we found out. 

How am I feeling? Lately, I've been feeling great. Bless you, second trimester! My pregnancy symptoms have been almost identical to my pregnancy with Dylan- major fatigue hitting at 6 weeks, nausea hitting a little later, with both letting up almost completely by 12 weeks. Overall, it hasn't been too bad- I know that I'm lucky with this.

How are we doing with the news? Despite this pregnancy being planned, it's still terrifying to know that life is going to change in a big way and there's no turning back. Life has been so manageable over the past few years, and it seems a little crazy that we are intentionally turning it upside down. After, ahem, a few weeks of me being in slight denial about our great news, I have now completely adjusted to the changes coming our way. 

What about Dylan? We are doing our best to prepare him for what's coming, but he can only understand so much at this point. We talk about baby brother on the regular, and we make a big deal about him getting to be a big brother. I think that he'll start to get it more when my stomach is enormous. Either way, we know that the first few weeks (and months) of having a baby around will be tough on Dylan. He's so used to being the center of attention, and it will be really hard for him to see life change. 

Any name ideas? We don't have anything yet. We were so lucky with Dylan, since we both loved the name and were going to use it whether Dylan was a boy or a girl. We both felt so sure about the name that there was so time spent on looking at other sames. But this little one... we have no clue. We have a few names that we both like, but there's no clear winner. I'll keep you updated though.

Food cravings or aversions? This seems to be the only big difference between my pregnancy with Dylan. This time around, I can't drink soda (which isn't a bad thing to give up anyway), sugary candy (like skittles, sour patch kids, etc.), and a few other completely random things. What I have been craving has been really random- apples at room temperature (not refrigerated!), salads, pasta with just butter and Parmesan cheese, and pretty much any restaurant food. 

Showing yet? Yes, but not a huge amount. I would say that I'm showing a little more at this point than I was with Dylan, but not a huge amount more. I'm still wearing all my normal clothes, but it's looking like my pants won't be working for long. 

So there you have it- some updates and info on baby #2. I'm really going to try and get back in the swing of blogging, as I really want to document this fun (and crazy) time in our lives. Wish me luck.