Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Six years.

Today is mine and Ben's sixth anniversary and sadly we are about 1500 miles apart. He is in Utah and I'm in Indiana. Even though we're apart, I wanted to say, "I love you" to my cute husband on zee blog (insert French accent here).

I would ordinarily post a picture of the hubs and I on wedding day, but since I am on my parent's desktop and they don't have any pictures from my wedding on their computer (gasp!) I'll just post some stats from our marriage....

Over the past six years we have had...
-Three different residences
-Five different cars
-Seven different jobs
-One college graduation (mine)
-Five hospital visits
-Three pets (our current cats as well as a puppy for 3 weeks)
-One fabulous little boy

I love you my Benjamin!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope that you all have a great Christmas! Ours is already off to a great start- we arrived in Indiana yesterday evening and have been having a great time with family. Dylan has already latched onto my dad-  he calls him Dapa. More updates to come!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All I need to know about life I learned from tv.

Ok, so the post title may be a little off the mark, but today I think that my copious amounts of tv viewing played to my advantage.

Today I had to spend the whole day in the courtroom for a trial. Big time booo. Anyway, my attorney (sounds fancy, right? My attorney? Actually, she is the State's attorney, and since I represent the State, she represents me in State matters.) and I were listening to a client testify regarding some things that had been going on. He was saying all of these things like, "I know that I can do better, I really think that I am finished with (insert various illegal activity here)" all while shaking his head "no."

Now, I'm not sure if everyone is addicted to the tv show Lie To Me, but let me tell you what I learned from the show:

If someone is saying something and shaking their head no at the same time, they do not believe what they are saying (as per Dr. Cal Lightman, lead character in the show. He's a behaviorist who studies people's facial expressions and gestures to see if they're telling the truth or not.)

I leaned over and said to my attorney, "Do you see how he's shaking his head no while saying all this? I don't think that he's telling the truth." She totally agreed and said that he was full of you-know-what.

I neglected to tell her where I had gained my knowledge... something tells me that a fictional behaviorist on tv would not be seen as a credible source in the court.

Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm sure that many of you Utah County friends have already seen this picture, but I had to share.

So sad that the historic Provo Tabernacle burned down last week.
Can you believe the burn pattern of the painting of the Second Coming?

I know that it's not just coincidence.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My favorite video of 2010.

I took this video the other day during dinnertime. As you may remember, Dylan is typically the worst eater ever. I don't know what came over him that night, but he was all about the applesauce. Thank goodness for small miracles, right?

Also, my apologies for the poor video quality- it was captured with my regular camera.

Enjoy the video- I love how he tells me "bye" at the end!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bad things come in threes.

It's true, I'm telling you.

Case in point:



Now, if Brangelina decides to split as well there may be some problems. Actually, not true. Remember what Chelsea Handler recently said about Angelina? I'm in Chelsea's camp. Starts with home, ends with wrecker.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Confessions.

1. Today at work was a big fail for me, as I had court and completely forgot to bring copies of the court report with me. This doesn't always mean catastrophe, but in this certain case it did. For some reason no one could find the copies of the report that I faxed them last week, and I didn't have any reserves in hand. Now I'm definitely on a certain attorney's you-know-what list.

2. I've had an early morning workout bag packed every night for the past 20 or so nights. Every night I tell myself that I'm going to go to the gym early the next morning and even set my alarm for the crack of dawn. Can anyone guess how many times I've gone to the gym in the early am? The correct answer is zero.

3. Dylan is officially the world's pickiest eater, which is sure to drive me to drinking and drugs. Yesterday I set a piece of delish chocolate cake in front of him to see if he would even try it, as he refuses to try anything that doesn't look like ravioli or yogurt. And just as I expected, he wouldn't even touch the chocolate cake. This boy surely can't be mine if he refuses cake.

4. I have eaten approximately 538 peppermint Hershey kisses since last Wednesday. Take that, Weight Watchers.

5. I actually made dinner tonight (a Christmas miracle in itself) and was deeply offended when Ben said that he didn't like it. I took it as a personal attack, which means that I am still shooting him dirty looks three hours later.

6. Christmas is in less than two weeks and I have no idea what to get Ben. I refuse to get him any golf paraphernalia, as it would be like giving a drug addict a new crack pipe for Christmas.

Please share your confessions, as I want something to laugh at other than at myself...

* Sorry if this list is a little gripey and whatnot, I'm just in one of those moods. Will work on an attitude adjustment for tomorrow.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas questions.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping paper. It's more work, but those beautiful wrapped packages look so pretty under the tree.

2. Real tree or Artificial? I've always done real, but I'm definitely open to the possibility of a real tree in the coming years. Maybe when Dylan doesn't want to tackle the Christmas tree?

3. When do you put up the tree? Usually a day or two after Thanksgiving.

4. When do you take the tree down? Whenever we get back home after all the festivities. Usually around New Year's.

5. Do you like eggnog? Nope.

6. Favorite gift received as a child? Not sure. I remember being so excited about getting Birkenstocks when I was 12. I definitely wore them with socks all winter. Ha.

7. Hardest person to buy for? My brother in law T. Seriously, he always ends up getting random weird stuff from me cause I never know what to get him. This year he's getting UnderArmor, which I think that he'll actually like.

8. Easiest person to buy for? Dylan Danger

9. Do you have a nativity scene? Yes.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Snail Mail, Yo.

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Not sure. Ben's grandpa died on Christmas Eve 5 years ago and that really sucked. Does that count?

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? Elf!

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Right around Thanksgiving

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? No.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? An insane amount of cookies, of course.

16. Lights on the tree (colored or clear)? White lights!

17. Favorite Christmas song? O Holy Night.

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Travel home to Indiana this year- hooray!

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's? Yes, simply because of the song.

20. Angel, star or ribbon on top of tree? A crooked star- my tree is too tall for my living room, so the star is smushed between the tree and the ceiling and is all tilted over. Keep it classy, Mrs. Harris.

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? New pajamas on Christmas eve, the rest of the gifts on Christmas morning.

22. Favorite children's Christmas song? Not really sure. The only one that comes to mind is Jingle Bells.

23. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? How all of my clients at work seem to have some crazy crisis that desperately needs my attention right before Christmas. I'm such a scrooge, right?

24. Favorite ornament theme or color? Oh goodness, I don't know. My favorite ornaments are the ones from my childhood though.

25. Turkey or ham on Christmas day? Turkey.

26. What do you want for Christmas this year? All sorts of things... Tory Burch Revas are at the top of the list, but I think that they may be a little too pricey to justify for a Christmas gift. 

27. Does anyone in your family dress up as Santa? No.

28. Age you discovered who Santa was? Sometime in elementary school... it was a gradual understanding I think.

29. Eggnog, hot chocolate, or apple cider? Mmmmm hot chocolate. Or a peppermint steamer from Starbucks.

30. Traditional colors (red and green) or other colors? Mainly red and green, but I love turquise and silver too.

31. Do you have any Christmas decorations on your roof? Not yet... although Benjamin has promised to put our lights up on Saturday.

32. How does Santa get into your house? Chimney or magic key? magic key

33. Do you prefer gifts or gift cards? Gifts, but please know that I'd never turn away a gift card!

34. Favorite children's Christmas Cartoon? The Polar Express... the book and movie both seemed to magical to me!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

A little late jumping on the bandwagon...

At the risk of sounding like a cougar (and not the BYU kind), have you all seen Zac Efron?

Can you say dreamy? And I'm pretty sure that he's legal too, right?

I am aware that many ladies have come to this conclusion awhile back, but since I've never seen more than 10 minutes of High School Musical, I never got to watch a feature-length Zac Efron-fest. Wait, scratch that... I did see Seventeen Again. Wonder why he didn't captivate me then... maybe because he was playing a 17 year old in the movie and was therefore still jailbait? Yes, that's definitely it.

Sorry Dad, you're probably cringing at this post. And my husband too. Don't worry Benjamin, Zac's no match for you.

Anyway, I just had to let you all know that after watching Charlie St. Cloud (thank you Netflix) I am no longer a member of Team Edward or Team Jacob... I'm on Team Zac.

And yes, I know that I'm {cringe} 26 years old and Z. Efron is probably like 22.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No longer 25.

It's only 8 am and my birthday has already been great. Thank you to my lovely husband and my great friends!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Feeling like I belong in Oz...

And no, it's not because I'm on the shorter side and feel like a munchkin.

Today I decided to step out of my normal pink/red/berry nail polish box and try something out of the ordinary.

I picked up a bottle of Essie nail polish in "Going Incognito" and decided to try having emerald colored nails.

I definitely don't not like it, but I feel a little bit like the Wicked Witch of the West or Elpheba or whatever she's called. Maybe I'm just not used to having nails outside of my typical polish color palate.

On the definite upside, I can say that I'm a fan of Essie polish and like how it goes on and covers. Two green thumbs up.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Decking the halls.

On Sunday night we got started on all our Christmas celebrating. We put the Carpenter's Christmas cd on- a Bartnett family tradition- and started to put up all of our Christmas decorations.

Last year Dylan was just a few months old, so he didn't care about decorating, but this year he was all about it! The minute that Ben dragged the tree up from the basement he wanted in on the action.

We quickly realized that the tree would not be able to be set up in the enormous empty space in our living room (more on that empty space later. What the heck should we do with it?).

Behold, the empty space (and Dylan with my blowdryer. He loves that thing. This was two days prior to the Chi murder--- which btw, Ben fixed it! Yay! Resurrected Chi!)
I think that Dylan is telling the paparazzi (me) to go away.

We had to put the tree back into a little corner between our couches, since it was easy to see that Dylan was not one of those kids who could just look at the tree. Nope, he wants to climb up the tree, and take off every ornament in the process. See, he's already trying to use Ben as a stepping stool to get to the tree.

We ended up having to scoot the couches even closer since Dylan was so sneaky and had wedged himself between them and grabbed onto the tree. Who is this kid?

The finished product. Hooray!!!

Here are the other bits of Christmas decor around the house:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let's all shed a tear.

My beloved Chi has died. Scratch that, my beloved Chi has been murdered. The culprit?

This guy

My seemingly innocent little boy grabbed my Chi (which was apparently too close to the edge of the bathroom counter- and it was turned off, thank goodness) and dropped it right on the hard tile floor. The result? Chi will no longer turn on. Anyone know a Chi repair person?

Thank heaven that my birthday is in one week- I have a feeling that a  new Chi will be my birthday present to myself.

The Score:
Mom's expensive things- 0

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another reason why I love Shutterfly.

Drumroll please my friends, because Shutterfly has an amazing announcement!

Shutterfly.com is giving out 50 FREE Christmas cards to anyone who blogs about how amazing they are! Merry Christmas, right? This offer rocks for a number of reasons- 1. Who doesn't love free stuff, 2. Shutterfly is my go-to source for all photo printing and project needs, and 3. I was planning on ordering my Christmas card from Shutterfly anyway, so this will just save me some bucks.

 I use Shutterfly for so many projects: photo books, calendars, prints, party invites, and Christmas cards. In fact, I just ordered a photo book and am in the process of creating a photo calendar. 

Ever since we had our family photo session in September I have been envisioning our family's photo Christmas card (yes, I really do think of these things months and months in advance) and the first thing I did when I got our photo disc was click on over to Shutterfly.com to peruse the photo card selection. I thought that picking our photo card would be easy stuff, but it's harder than I thought! Not because Shutterfly is difficult to navigate- hello, how user friendly can you get- but because there are so many adorable cards and I can't pick just one!

Check out the link to jump in on this amazing offer!http://blog.shutterfly.com/5358/holiday2010-blog-submission-form/
Here are some of my favorite designs (although I can't share my very favorite- you'll have to wait for that one in the mail):

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010.

This year we spent our Thanksgiving in Denver with Ben's family. The visit seemed too short, since we were having a great time during the entirety of our visit. 

We flew in early Wednesday morning, which really is a story in itself, but I won't bore you with the details of waking up at 3 am and getting to the airport by 5 am. 

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving in Denver. We stayed at a swanky guest suite in my father in law's girlfriend Pamela's downtown Denver complex. I wish that I would've taken pictures, because it was awesome- better than any hotel I've ever been in. 

We spent Wednesday in Parker, at the family home and had a Christmas celebration, since we wouldn't be together for Christmas. We read from Luke 2, opened presents, and played games. 
 Silly Dylan and his rosy cheeks. The air was insanely dry, which caused the poor boy's cheeks to chap and get ridiculously red. 
 Dylan and his cousins. By this time, Dylan had been up from 3:30 am until 8 pm with a few little catnaps thrown in. He was one tired boy.
 He perked up for opening presents and fell in love with the hammer and peg toy that Grandpa Carl got him. Dylan is all boy!
 Thanksgiving Day he was a little more rested and was in great spirits. He kept getting into cousin Lucas's jumparoo.
 Here's the cool room where we had Thanksgiving dinner. There were probably about 30 people there with Ben's family plus Pamela's family and neighbors.
 Me and my red-faced boy.

 Ben chasing Dylan around in the theater room.
Love birds.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends! Hope you had a great one!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Saw it. Loved it.

There were so many things to love about this movie:
-The amazing Seven Harrys
-Bill and Fleur's wedding and Fleur's gorge dress
-The elimination of the Horcrux
-Ron and Hermione's tender love/hate relationship
-Dobby's rescue and death

The only things I don't love?
-Part two is not coming out for waaaaay too long
-Idiot sitting behind us did not turn her cell off. And it rang. Loudly.

Oh, and all the hullabaloo about the nude scene? Whatev, it showed nothing. Take a deep breath and move on.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Commercial Joy.

Ben and I reenact this commercial on a regular basis... we crack ourselves up.

I now call Ben a jackwagon as much as possible as well.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Date day + worst movie ever?

Hello friends! I'm just wrapping up a fabulous 4 day weekend (Veteran's Day on Thursday + no work Friday + regular weekend = 4 day wknd) and I am sooo not ready to go back to the daily routine of work and whatnot. This weekend was great though- I got to spend tons of time with my boys and just enjoyed some extra relaxation time.

Dylan and I didn't do anything crazy or out of the ordinary on Thursday or Friday, but Ben and I got a day date on Saturday! Hooray! Thanks to my pal/boss Jorden for watching Dylan while Ben and I hit the town! Well, not really hit the town... more like drive 1/2 mile to grab a burger at Five Guys and see a matinee.

We decided to see "Morning Glory" the new Rachel McAdams movie. I absolutely adore Rachel McAdams, so I usually end up seeing all of her movies.

I thought that the movie was ok. Probably would give it a B- in my book. Enjoyable, but could've waited to get it on Netflix. Ben, on the other hand, thought that it was one of the worst movies that he's every paid to see. Other than the 30 seconds that we were both laughing so hard that we had tears in our eyes, Ben was grumbling throughout the whole deal.... which leads me to my big question...

What is the worst movie that you have paid to see in the theater?

Mine would have to be this one:
Surprising, right? Great cast and seemingly hilarious plot. Nope, I found it awkward and offensive. Please share your least favorite movie experience! 

Friday, November 12, 2010

13 months.

I ended up skipping Dylan's 12 month update due to my laziness and lack of follow through with all things blog, but here is what Dylan is up to at 13 months (!) old.

Here are Dylan's stats from his 12 month appointment:

Weight: 20.35 lbs (15th percentile)
Height: 30 inches (59th percentile)
Head: 18 inches (31st percentile)

At 13 months, Dylan is turning out to be a fiesty little man. He has definite opinions and is one picky little eater. He does not hesitate to tell me or Ben "No!" and getting him to eat is a daily ordeal. Well, he is always willing to eat junk food or drink a bottle, but we're trying to get away from the bottle and only use a sippy cup. He is also becoming a little climber and is still in his "destructive baby" stage. Everything comes out of the bookcase on a daily basis and he is always taking things out of drawers. On the upside of things, Dylan is a better sleeper than ever. He sleeps for at least 11 hours every night without waking up, and takes two naps each day for about two hours apiece. Nice, right?

Here is the list of foods that he will eat: rice, beans, oatmeal, cheese quesedillas, cheese ravioli, pasta, bread, applesauce, pears, grapes... and that's about it. The only way that I can get him to eat vegetables is to give them to him in baby food form. I'm trying not to let his pickiness drive me crazy, although I admit it does some days.

Dylan is getting more verbal as well. His regular words are: mama, dada, kitty, Boo (what he calls Moo), Ocar (Oscar), bye, wow, no, hi and hello. It's so cute to hear him say more words! He has the cutest little voice!

Dylan has also fallen in love with Elmo. Whenever he sees that my laptop is on, he wants me to go to youtube to watch Elmo videos. It's the cutest thing.

Dylan is also super affectionate to me and Ben and is always running to me to give me hugs. It's precious to see my little guy running towards me with open arms and then falling into me for a hug. Cue melting.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Help a sister out.

Specifically, help my sister out.

My sister Sarah is having baby #3 in February and it's her first girl! Hooray! The current issue is the name. She doesn't have any idea what to name her baby and would love any suggestions.

Sarah is super picky and has definite ideas about what her baby's name should not be. Here are the basics:
- name must be more than one syllable. Since her last name is only one syllable, the first name needs more so things will sound how she wants.
-name cannot be super common. No to Madeline, Madison, Maddie, or anything equally common. Sarah likes things unique but not too crazy like Apple or Audio Science.
-name cannot have a "hard r" sound- for example, she'd never go for Darcy, since her last name is Clark. Too many hard r's.

Let the naming begin!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet my new assistant.

If he keeps sleeping on the job then I'm going to have to let him go.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Blame it on reality tv.

Ben and I have a really great relationship. We're best friends and we both really try to be kind to each other. We try to avoid being rude and snarky with each other, and  are usually successful. The times when the snarkiness typically takes over? When we're watching reality tv. Not even kidding.

Here's an example:

Ben is addicted to this show on the Golf Channel. I know, the Golf Channel. Uh-oh, the snarkiness is already escaping...
Anyway, he watches this show called Big Break and it's a competition between male and female golfers for all sorts of golfy prices, money, etc.
I think that it's a ridiculous show and I like to add my own commentary during the show to illustrate how silly I think that the contestants are and how they seem to say idiotic things all the time. Those who know me know that I'm not one to make fun of others and I really try and be nice for the most part. But this show? It brings out the worst in me!

And Ben?

Poor guy gets roped into watching America's Next Top Model with me most Wednesday nights. He always ends up doing the same thing that I do with his shows- spends the hour making fun of the show and the contestants AND sometimes me.

For example, the girls on the show were being snotty to eachother and just having some normal female drama. I turned to Ben and said, "I really like all the girls on the show and I wish they would just be nice to each other and be friends." And how did my sweet husband reply?

"You know what you should do? Make them a cake full of rainbows and smiles so they can all be friends like they were in middle school..... you freak."

Who is this snarky person that I call my husband?!? Of course we both laughed about it, but I'm telling you- reality tv is not bringing out the best in our personalities!

*10 points to the first person to name the movie that Ben referenced!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let the holiday season begin!

Despite what the majority of the American public may think, the holiday season does not begin with Thanksgiving... it begins with Halloween. That means... drumroll please... the holiday season has begun!

There is so much to look forward to over the next two months... let me tell you. And if you're me, there are two extra holidays during the season.

1. Veteran's Day
While Veteran's Day is obviously a perfect day to honor our Vets and thank them for all they have done for our country, there is also my personal excitement for the day. Veteran's Day = State holiday = no work for me = 4 day weekend! Score!

2. Thanksgiving
This year we will be heading to Denver for Thanksgiving. We weighed the options of driving vs. flying, but decided on flying in the end, since neither of us wanted to deal with a cranky baby in the car for 9+ hours. We're wimps who would much rather get on a 75 minute flight and call it good.

3. My birthday!
I can't believe that I'm going to be 26 next month! That's just one year away from my "scary" age. As a teen, I always thought that 27 was the first year that actually seemed old and now it's quickly approaching. What happens when you reach your scary age? Do I push the "scary" age back to 35 or do I just accept the fact that I'm getting older? Hmmm. Let's save all the contemplating for next year and enjoy 26!

4. Christmas
We're heading to Indiana for Christmas, so in a word Icannotwait! I haven't been home for Christmas since 2006 and I would say that it is definitely time!

5. Anniversary time!

Unfortunately we won't be together on our 6th anniversary, although I think we'll be ok. Since our anniversay is on December 28th, we're usually a little holiday'd out and make our anniversary celebrations low-key. Either way, it's fun that we're coming up on our 6th anniversary.

6. New Year's

Unfortunately, hubs and I won't be together for New Years, as I will still be Indiana and Ben will already be back in Utah. It's not fun being apart for New Year's, but I'm excited to spend a long holiday in Indiana.

So if you actually made it to the end of this post (sorry, it got a little long) then you realize how much there is to be excited about over the next two months! Wahoo!

Ebay Amnesia.

Does anyone else randomly peruse ebay for good deals on things? Lots of people, right?

How about randomly bidding on clothing items that are from normally very pricey brands, but are currently at a reasonable rate on ebay? Again, lots of people.

How about promptly forgetting about the handful of things you bid on, since the auction would be going on for another week and figuring  that you would definitely be outbid during that time? Maybe just me?

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from ebay congratulating me on winning this top:
My first thought was "Whaaaaat? I didn't bid on anything on ebay!" And then slowly remembering my random string of bidding last week.

In case you were wondering, no this is not the first time that I've had ebay amnesia. Luckily, it seems that this amnesia is only related to reasonably priced clothing items on ebay and has not spread to other stores, websites, etc. Good thing I don't have Pottery Barn amnesia or something, because then there would be some problems.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yes, please.

Oh J Crew, how you taunt me.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

DuuuuuuunDun. DuuuuuuuuuunDun. Happy Halloween!

 Dylan was a ferocious little shark for Halloween this year. Unfortunately, the squirt refused to pose for pictures, so the above picture is the best that I've got. Despite not minding his costume earlier in the week, Dylan hated his costume today. Like, would crumple to the floor and cry every time the hood part was up. As you can expect, the costume portion of the evening didn't last long. Here are a few of my other photo attempts. Dylan was not excited.

Let's hope that he enjoys Halloween next year more than he did this year. With the wet weather and his less than happy mood, we decided to skip trick or treating this year and hand out candy at home. Next year all bets are off... and I'm already starting to work on Ben to dress up with Dylan next year for his first trick or treating experience.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life lately.

Right now I'm just taking a little breather from the morning. I've been busy busy getting work done this morning as well as trying to keep Dylan from climbing in the pantry, eating the cat food, destroying the bathroom, taking everything out of the fridge destroying the house.

I'm having to blog on my laptop rather than the preferred desktop, as I recently let a virus infiltrate our desktop. Whoops. I swear, a notification popped up on the computer and looked like a completely legit Microsoft notification. Apparently I wasn't supposed to click the "start scan" option... yep, our desktop is seriously injured at this point. Sorry Benjamin...

Dylan is laying in his crib calling out for me, although the clock as well as his grouchy mood show that it is indeed nap time. At least he's not crying, just saying "MaaaMaaaaaaa." Cute and pittiful at the same time.

I'm super excited for Halloween this weekend, since Dylan has a cute costume to wear and I just eat that stuff up. We picked up Dylan's costume over a month ago and I've had him wear it periodically throughout the month so he could get used to it, rather than try to escape from it on Halloween. We're not going to go trick or treating, except for at our house and maybe our neighbor's.

Here is the unveiling of the candy corn wreath that I mentioned earlier in the month. It turned out great, although took way more candy corn than I had anticipated.

Dylan has been so cute with Ben lately. He loves to rough house with dad and they spend the evenings wrestling around and having all sorts of fun. They are best friends, without a doubt. Here is one of my favorite pictures of the boys:

I hope that you all are having a great week! Hooray for it almost being the weekend!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Adventures in text messaging.

Yesterday morning Ben, Dylan, and I were sitting in church. About 30 minutes into sacrament meeting, Dylan started to get restless and whatnot, which was Ben's cue to take Dylan out to walk the halls with him. About 10 minutes later I thought that I heard my phone vibrate, so I took a look at it and saw a text from Ben... here is the text-versation that ensued:

Ben: Putting baby to bed
Me: What? How am I supposed to get home? (I'm thinking "who does he think he is, just taking the car and baby home and leaving me here?")
Ben: What do you mean?
Me: You are taking the car home so I have to walk. (I'm getting really irritated that I'm going to be walking home from church in my heels. Grrr)
Ben: Come out to the foyer real quick.
Me: Ok.

So apparently, Ben sent the first text on Saturday night. I was at a movie with my pal Stacey and he was just letting me know that he was putting Dylan down to bed. I obviously didn't get the message until Sunday morning, and all sorts of confusion then took place. When I got to the foyer Ben looked at me like I was absolutely crazy and wanted to know why I thought he was taking Dylan  home. Duh.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The great outdoors with D.

Dylan hopes that everyone is enjoying fall as much as he is!