Saturday, April 12, 2014

Owen at Ten Months.

Yikes, I have fallen behind in my monthly Owen posts! He just turned 11 months, but here is a little bit about our sweet boy in month 10.

Owen is on the brink of toddler-hood and it breaks my heart just a little bit. How are we already at this point? I feel like I just had Owen, and now he's always on the move. This month has been a little more challenging than previous months... he has definitely become more whiny and irritable at times, but he is still sweet and happy most of the time. When Owen wants my attention he wants my attention, and he will definitely let me know when he doesn't like something (such as me walking by him when he wants to be picked up). But when he's happy? It's so adorable- his sweet smile and dimples are always on display, and he loves to play and laugh. 

  Owen loves, loves, loves Dylan and always wants to be around him, especially first thing in the morning. After having his diaper changed and nursing, he crawls to Dylan's door and wants to push it open. Owen prefers to play alongside his brother, and Dylan usually enjoys it too. Owen absolutely adores his daddy and sometimes calls for him in the morning when he wakes up saying, "Da-da-da-da." While I am still the mommy and security blanket, there are times when Ben is holding him and I walk up to take Owen in my arms, Owen will lean away from me and snuggle closer to Ben. Owen is very affectionate and is always giving kisses, attacking our noses, or putting his face next to mine for a quick little love.

Owen is getting more confident about cruising around on the furniture and seems closer to being a real stander, rather than just standing for a few seconds. To be honest, since Owen was such an early crawler I totally thought he would be walking by now, but right now he doesn't have much interest. Why walk when he can crawl everywhere at lightening speed? Owen is constantly climbing all over me and likes to grab the neckline of my shirts for stability. This has definitely resulted in indecent exposure more than a few times.

Owen is still nursing about 4-5 times each day. Some days he's all about it, and others he only nurses for a minute before being on the go again. It has been my plan to nurse until he was a year and then introduce cow's milk. I'm not sure how well this will be received, because the few times I have tried to give Owen a bottle he was not a happy baby. Owen still doesn't have any teeth (hooray!), so nursing hasn't gotten complicated by that yet. Owen loves solids and eats just about everything that I've given him. Fruits, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, shredded chicken, rice, pasta... he'll try it all. Unfortunately, that also means that he's tried some disgusting things too- including dirt and dog poop. We were at the park and he picked up what I thought was a piece of tree bark. As usual, he put it right in his mouth. When I went to take the bark away, I realized that it was actually dog poop. Yuck! I wiped off his hands, mouth, and tongue was careful not to kiss his mouth until after he received a more thorough cleaning at home. 

Winter has not been easy for Owen, and he came down with a double ear infection this month. Poor baby just can't catch a break! Luckily, I knew exactly what to watch out for with Owen's ear infection (since he just had one a few months ago), so I got him into the doctor and on antibiotics as soon as I recognized his discomfort and fussiness. 

We love our sweet Owen Maverick and are so blessed to have him in our family! Here are a few pictures of Owen from the past month:

Friday, February 28, 2014

A peek inside our lives.

There are so many things about this video that make me happy. I love this little family of mine.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Owen at Nine Months.

Owen's 9 month stats:
Weight: 16 lbs 12 oz. (6th percentile)
Length: 28 3/4 in (59th percentile)
Head: 17 1/4 in (14th percentile)

Our happy, smiley boy is 9 months old! Owen continues to be such a joy to our family and we love having him in our home so, so much. Owen has been a happy and content little boy since day 1, and his sweet smiles are contagious. Everyone we meet seems to comment on what a happy boy he is and Owen is quick to give a big grin. In fact, when we were at the grocery store the other day our cashier said that he looked a babydoll, because his face was so sweet. 

Owen is a crawling machine and is getting anywhere and everywhere super quick. He pulls up on everything and cruises from one piece of furniture to the other with ease. He's even a pro at going up the stairs! He has also started standing on his own on occasion, and can stand by himself for about 5 seconds before dropping to the ground. 

Owen is a mischievous little guy and is so fascinated by things that are not for him- the cat's water dish, the dishwasher, and toilet paper are some of his favorites. Dylan is his favorite playmate and he loves to be watching whatever his brother is doing. Lucky for Owen, Dylan absolutely loves "his baby" and is happy in include him in almost everything. Owen has started to play "so big" and peek-a-boo, which is absolutely adorable. 

Owen is a noisy little guy and has been communicating more and more each week. He calls me ma-ma-ma and Ben da-da. He's also started lifting up his arms and saying "uhhh!" for up. When he wants milk, he frequently starts saying na-na, which I find adorable. One thing that I love is that Owen still doesn't have any teeth, so his smile is still more baby looking than toddler. I just want to keep Owen a baby for as long as possible!

Owen's sleeping habits are pretty good and predictable. He has recently transitioned to two naps each day, one around 10 am and then another around 2 or 3. Bedtime has always been between 7:30-8, and he never puts up a fuss about going to bed. Sleeping through the night doesn't always happen- I'd say he wakes up one out of every three nights. I keep telling myself that it's just habit and to let him put himself back to sleep, but I always give in and snuggle and nurse him for a few minutes. He wakes up for the day between 7 and 8 am,  happy as a clam. 

Owen is still nursing 4-5 times each day, but never for very long. When he has a bottle he rarely drinks more than 5 oz. at a time, but I remember when Dylan was this age he would drink 8 oz. without a problem. Owen absolutely loves food! He usually eats a Yo-Baby yogurt  and some Cheerios for breakfast, has 2 baby foods for lunch, and has whatever we have for dinner, or some more baby food if our dinner isn't baby-friendly. Owen loves to feed himself anything that he can. Raspberries, blueberries, corn, cut up grapes, bananas, yogurt melts, puffs, and crackers are some of his favorites. He also drinks a little from a sippy cup. The only thing that he didn't seem to love was cottage cheese, because the texture is so different. I can't blame him though- I cannot stand cottage cheese. Funny enough, Owen's favorite meal is green beans with mashed up avocado-- two things that I don't like at all. The main goal is to ensure that Owen isn't a picky eater- we allowed Dylan to become picky and it has been a nightmare ever since-- I'm not going to deal with another picky eater! Please notice that his weight has gone from the 2nd percentile to the 6th percentile- something I'm so, so happy about. Ever since he dropped to the 2nd percentile I have been so worried about him chunking up, and the jump to the 6th percentile had me pretty dang thrilled. 

Poor Owen got sick again this month- he had a high fever (with no other major symptoms) for a few days and was just so sad and lethargic. Owen has not had an easy winter, health-wise... too many colds and other illnesses! After a few days he was acting like himself and was all over the place with a smile on his face. 

Here are a few pictures of our sweet boy from the past month. Some are happy, some are sick, and some are angry. Love my baby boy!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Owen at Eight Months.

Owen is getting so big! Eight months! Here is a little bit about our boy...

The day after he turned seven months, Owen starting crawling up on his knees, instead of army crawling. Now he is so much faster and seems to get from one end of the room to the other at lightening speed. In true baby fashion, he is all about power cords, random bits of fuzz and dust on the ground, and the cat's water dish. Essentially, he wants anything that he's not supposed to have. He's also pulling up on everything in sight, and is starting to cruise around while holding onto furniture. 

Owen is starting to make so many little sounds and is always babbling and squealing. Ma-ma, da-da, ja-ja, etc. are frequent sounds. He's actually starting to say ma-ma a lot more, and I'm wondering whether he is associating it with me at all. It may be too early, but I know that within a few months he will definitely be directing ma-ma toward me. Owen continues to have such a sweet, happy personality. He's still extremely smiley and gives giant open-mouthed kisses. My makeup is never safe, because it seems like as soon as my makeup is done for the day he gives my nose, cheek, or mouth a giant, slobbery kiss. And I don't mind at all- he's just too sweet.

Owen has had a difficult winter so far- he and Dylan both had croup in December and Owen is recovering from his first ear infection. Last week he started getting super fussy, especially during mealtimes and nursing, and he was not sleeping well. I was thinking that he may have been teething, so we were giving him Orajel and teething tablets and wondering why he was still so uncomfortable. My mommy gut was telling me that it might be his ears, and I'm so happy that I listened and took him in to the ped- he had an infection in his left ear. Poor boy! After 12 days on meds he is good as new! 

Owen is still happy, happy, except when you try to do either of these things: change his diaper or get him dressed. Owen does not like to lay on his back, because all he wants to do is roll over and go, go go. He's started doing what Ben and I call "the death spiral." He tries and tries to get off of his back no matter what and gets super angry when you won't let him. Sorry Owen, but you have to be on your back when I change you. There is nothing that we can do to avoid him trying to roll over- we give him fun things to hold (even non-baby items that would normally capture his attention, like hair clips, hand mirrors, etc.) and he still tries to roll. I hope that this is just a phase and he'll realize that his attempts to roll over during diaper change time are futile, and he just needs to suck it up and stay on his back. 

Owen is finally getting back to sleeping through the night- hallelujah! It seems like ever since he had croup a month and a half ago he has gotten into the habit of waking up around 2 or 3 am, but he is finally getting back to waking up around 6ish for a feeding and then going back to bed until around 7-8am. Owen usually take three 60-90 minute naps each day, although sometimes he just takes two if one of his naps is super long. 

Owen doesn't have any teeth yet, which I am perfectly ok with- I love his sweet, gummy smile, and I also enjoy nursing without worrying about teeth. Speaking of nursing, Owen still nurses about 5 times each day- when he wakes up in the morning, after each of his naps, and before bed. I don't think he's drinking as much lately, since some of his nursing sessions have been so short. The milk is there, but it seems like Owen doesn't want to waste time nursing, he just wants to be on the move. Owen is great with baby food and has loved everything that he's tried. He's also started to self feed and gets so excited about Gerber puffs or yogurt melts. I give him little bits of bread, quartered raspberries, peeled and quartered grapes... the boy loves it all. We also started using a food grinder, so that we can grind up whatever we're eating for dinner and feed it to him, as long as dinner isn't too spicy, impractical, etc. 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the past month:

Friday, January 17, 2014

Let's just pretend that it's still Christmastime, ok?

 We had such a wonderful December and I'm sad that it has come and gone. After my birthday on the 8th, it was time for the Christmas countdown. We left for Indiana on the 18th for eleven relaxing days with family. A few days before we left, Dylan's preschool had a Christmas party. It was so cute- there was food, Santa, singing, and a little present for parents. Dylan's class made a class recipe book with a recipe that each child shared. It was darling and hilarious. Here is Dylan's favorite recipe:

Dylan has this obsession with ice sculptures (no joke- he wanted one at his birthday party) and I'm so happy that they were included in the recipe. 

This is a classic example of Dylan's sweet and sour personality. He was not interested in singing with the other children at the Christmas party- he's in the green shirt. 

Ben didn't come to Indiana until Christmas Eve, but we Face Timed with him multiple times each day. Owen would get so excited for Face Time- I'm not sure if it was because he loved seeing himself on my phone, or if he was excited to see Ben's picture. Either way, his reactions were darling. 

Watching TV at my parent's house was super fun for Dylan, since he was able to watch from his "nest." He wanted to have his backpack on a lot with all of his toys inside. 

On Christmas Eve we had a little Nativity reenactment. Dylan was Joseph, Evvie was Mary, Owen was baby Jesus, and I was the angel 

Another example of Dylan's sweet and sour personality... the boys on Christmas Eve in their matching jammies. 

Ben did some fancy wrapping for my Christmas gifts. I wonder what this one was???

The day after Christmas we went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum... so much fun!

And then on the 27th I was able to meet up with some of my most wonderful childhood friends for dinner. Can't wait to see them again in March for Dr. Lindsey's wedding!

Owen loves his grandma so much!



Aaaaand some airport hilariousness. Love!

It was a wonderful December and I wish we could just do it all again!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Owen at Seven Months.

This post is definitely overdue, as Owen turns 8 months in just two days! Crazy! Out little boy is growing so quickly, and I'm going to try and remember as much as I can about what he does each month. 

Owen is officially on the move! He began army-crawling at 6 months, and he only got better and quicker each day. He has started rocking back and forth on his hands and knees and so badly wants to crawl that way. He even moves his hands or his knees forward, but he hasn't gotten the coordination of moving everything together. He is also trying to climb on things- we have a table in our living room with a shelf just a few inches off the ground, and it is his mission to climb onto it. He is such a strong boy! He's gotten great at sitting by himself, and I know feel confident sitting him on the ground without anything behind him. 

Owen's favorite thing is to be where Dylan is and play with his toys. Owen loves his big brother and is so curious and interested in big boy things. We are so blessed to have Dylan as the best big brother I could have asked for- he's so sweet to Owen (still calls Owen "my baby" or "brudder") and is always willing to share his toys with him. The only thing that Dylan seems a little territorial over are his Legos, but I think that is mostly because we have drilled it into Dylan's head that Legos are not safe for babies and that Owen cannot have any of his Legos. 

Owen is such a great eater and has starting having more and more solids. He typically has one package of baby food, three times each day. While I'm not one to demand that Owen only eats organic, I try to feed him mostly organic baby food. Ella's Kitchen and Plum Organics are our go-to choices for baby food. He also loves to eat fruit from these mesh feeders:
He gets all excited whenever he sees them, since he knows that he's about to get something good, like bananas or cantaloupe. The only bummer? Cleaning bananas out of these things is a pain! Hate, hate, hate.

As you may remember, Owen was in the 2nd percentile for weight at his 6 month check up. Since he's started eating more solids (I try to push the higher calorie options or add avocado to ones that are low in calories) and still nurses 5-6 times each day, I feel like he's really starting to chunk up. 

Owen is a pretty predictable sleeper- he wakes up around 7:30 or 8 each morning, takes three naps (usually around 10, 1, and 5) and then goes to bed at 8 pm. He sometimes sleeps through the night and sometimes wakes up around 3-4 am for a little snack... I'm not that stressed about it, although I'm really ready for uninterrupted sleep. He's never had to cry it out (Dylan definitely did when he was 5 months old- I was tougher with him)... and I don't really want him to, but we'll see how this sleeping through the night thing plays out in the coming months. We're starting to try naps without the Woombie on occasion. He seems to do ok, although we almost have to rock him to sleep prior to putting him in his crib. 

Happy belated 7 months to our sweet boy!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Turning 29 + The Happs.

Hello, friends!

Last Sunday was my birthday, and I can hardly believe that I am now 29. Like, almost 30. And guess what? That terrifies me. Ever since I turned 27, I get a little freaked out over getting older. Can I just stay 24 and call it good? Seriously, that was the perfect age. Let's all be 24 forever, alright?

Putting my ridiculous feelings aside, it really was a wonderful day. Ben and Dylan made my day wonderful, and it was full of cake, french toast, and relaxation. 
How sweet is this cake? Benjamin knows that I'm a sucker for 1. Cake 2. All things girly 3. Anything that says "from your boys." No joke. 

I had normal french toast, but Ben cut Dylan's french toast to be the shape of his Ninja Turtle weapons. This made Dylan's morning... and my morning too, since there are few things that make me love my husband more than watching him be a great dad. 

See what's going on in this adorable, snuggle-loving picture? That would be sweet Owen grabbing my necklace with excitement. Imagine this scene, only we were sitting in our pew at church. Picture my necklace (not the one pictured, thank goodness) breaking after a tug from Owen and little beads flying everywhere (including about 15 that went down my shirt and got stuck in my bra.) True story. 

I totally jokingly guilt-tripped my parents after they told me that my birthday present would be arriving late. This showed up at my door the next day. Best guilt cookies ever. 

It has been long-established that I'm absolutely obsessed with my children, but they have been extra fun lately and I have to share:
You all know how much a love baby-wearing, right? Dylan came out of his room the other morning "wearing" his two favorite stuffed animals. He had their little faces turned out and he said that they were "in his wrap." Too cute. 

My little baby is getting so big! He loves to eat anything you will give him. 

Dylan came out of his room the other day wearing this. He said that he was Gaston (not sure if he means from Beauty and the Beast... I've never shown him that movie.) Here he is, flexing his muscles in his snow boots, Ninja Turtle underwear, and a backpack. 

Also, my sister Sarah seems to think that my house is always clean, clean, clean. While it usually looks pretty good, two littles frequently make it look like a tornado hit. Here's some documentation:
Sarah dared me to keep the room looking like this for 24 hours. I just couldn't do it- I feel claustrophobic when things are a mess. I think that this mess lasted for about an hour. 

** Guess what? Christmas vacation starts in one week! We are headed to Indiana for an amazing 10 days! Can't wait!!!**