Saturday, March 28, 2009

My $57 car wash.

Yesterday morning, I woke up with the idea to take my car through the car wash. The previous two days had brought some nasty weather and I was more than ready to make my new car clean and shiny again. BTW, here's a picture my new ride. This isn't the exact car- mine is dark green.

So, on I went to Supersonic car wash in Orem. $5 for the basic wash? Check. Things were looking good... I pulled into the car wash tunnel thing, which is where things went wrong.

Did you know that you're supposed to turn off the radio when you go through the car wash? And if you don't, your antenna will stay up. And if your antenna is up, and the car wash is going, it'll probably get bent and broken?

Bent and broken antenna? Check.

Before you think that I'm an idiot, let me inform you of something: For the past 5 years, I've been driving a Toyota Avalon. Apparently the Avalon has some wireless/antennaless system. Never had to be told to turn the radio off in the car wash. In fact, I've never heard of anyone saying that they should turn the radio off in the car wash. This was completely foreign to me.

That being said, after having my car for exactly 1 1/2 weeks, I've already caused damage. That's where the remaining $52 comes in. Lucky for me, I have a car mechanic husband who orders car parts for cost and doesn't charge me labor :)

One antenna later, my car is as good as new... or at least as good at it was 1 1/2 weeks ago.

Ugh, no more blogging for me- my cat is seriously yelling at me. This sound is definitely not a meow. He hates when I'm on the computer and prefers that all my attention is on him. Brat cat.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy, like a bee.

This past week I've been busy, busy, busy with various things. Work things, young women's things, keep-me-sane things. It's been great, but tiring all the same.

I feel like I've been a little antisocial lately, like I've let my busyness get the best of me. I fully plan on making time for social activities starting tomorrow :)

Today is Monday, which has come to mean something in the Harris home: Pasta Monday! Each Monday we have some form of pasta, whether it is pasta and vegetable carbonera, spaghetti with sausage sauce, or today's meal of fettuccine alfredo with chicken and broccoli. Easy and delish.

Something fun for me and Ben- we got a new (not brand new, just new to us) car! We traded Ben's jeep (affectionately known as "Blue"), and picked up a sweet ride. I'm happy as a clam. I know, I know, it's just a car.

Oh, and in case you forgot what we look like, here are me and the hub. I do love that orange hair of his.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


About a million years ago I was tagged in a "photo tag." I can't remember if I was supposed to post the 7th picture in my 7th photo album, or just my 7th picture period... anyway, here's my 7th picture from my 7th album:
I'm so happy that this was my 7x7 picture! This is my beloved dog, Taffy. I had her from age 10-23. She was the best dog, despite her eating disorder. By eating disorder I mean that she was in love with chocolate. Yes, it made her terribly sick, but she couldn't get enough of the stuff (or maybe she was just suicidal).
As you may notice, Taffy has some brightly colored hair in between the "eyebrows." That's my handiwork, as I found great satisfaction from giving my dog a little color. Doesn't it add a little something extra? I think so.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Roundup of past week or so.

1. I think that I've recovered from my shock and disbelief over The Bachelor. Jason M and I are no longer friends, which I'm sure he is very upset about. I DVR'd the episode of Ellen that he and Molly were on last week... and lemme say, I don't think that Ellen liked either of them very much. That's just the vibe I got.

2. I surprised by parents in Indiana last weekend. They had no idea that I was coming and I had my sister take me to their house. I don't think that I've ever heard my mom scream so loud or long- she was really surprised that I was there.

3. My flight was delayed for 5 hours on Sunday. It was ridiculous. I didn't get home until 2 am on Monday morning. Seriously, flying is hit or miss... it seems like my flights are delayed the majority of the time. Luckily I had a new book, new mag, and a McDonalds within 30 feet of my gate. I may have visited the McDonalds more than once in that 5 hours.

4. I ordered my Twilight special edition DVD. Very, very excited.

5. My Moo has kidney stones! Poor little lamb spent last Thursday at urgent care and Friday at the Pet Medical Center. I was beyond distressed, since I was in Indiana and couldn't do anything, but Ben was the perfect cat-dad by taking Moo to the vet and spent half of our month's rent on x-rays, exams, and pain meds. Luckily, Moo is feeling much better and is now shaved on the left side of his stomach.

6. I learned that the Newman's Own pasta sauce in Sockarooni is not for me. Three hour stomach ache.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dear Jason Mesnick,

You suck.

Worst Bachelor ever. Even with the spoilers on the internet, I am still furious.

Poor Melissa- I just want to give the girl a hug.

And Molly?!? What kind of a girl goes back to a guy that rejected you and then spent the next 8 weeks shacking up with another girl? She had to be in on Jason's little secret, because no girl in her right mind would immediately jump back into his arms.

Ugh. I wash my hands of this.

I get it, I get it.

Walgreens and I are usually good friends. Since we (meaning Walgreens and I) only live about 2 blocks away from each other, we get to see each other a lot. I’m guessing that I go once or twice each week to pick up essentials like deodorant, toothpaste, and candy.

Let me say, I was not pleased when the 24-hour Walgreens turned into a close-at-10pm Walgreens. It was a little irritating, but I got over it. By the way, the sign on the store still says 24-hours. Boo.

Anyway, I must get to my point, because I have one. The last time I went to Walgreens, I arrived at 9:45 pm. Here is the dialogue I had with one of their ever-pleasant employees:

Employee: Just so you know, we close in 15 minutes

Me: Thank you, I know.

Employee: (now following me to my isle) Ok, because we have to close soon.

Me: Thank you, I know.

The employee proceeded to keep me under her watchful eye for the remaining 4.5 minutes that I was in the store. Seriously, it’s like she thought that I was a shoplifter just waiting until almost closing time to rob them off their merchandise. OR maybe she thought that I was going to take my sweet time and take 40 minutes to pick out my face lotion and eye make up remover.

Either way, it was an unpleasant experience. Shape up Walgreens and stop hiring people who are rude. I get it. It’s 9:45 pm and you want to get out. Just let me shop in peace.