Saturday, February 27, 2010

Housewarming gift, anyone?

I luuuuurve this faucet so much. My future bathroom is calling out for it. 

This post needs to be labeled "you know you're a grown up when..." I think. Yes it does.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feeling quite grown up.

After over five years of marriage, Ben and I are biting the bullet- we're buying a house! Although I'm super excited about this, it's also pretty scary at the same time. I believe that Dwight Shrute from The Office said it best:

"A thirty year mortgage at Michael's age essentially means that he's buying a coffin. If I were buying my coffin, I would get one with thicker walls... so you couldn't hear the other dead people."

We're not necessarily as old as Michael Scott, but it's crazy to know that we're going to be in debt for the next 30 years! Yikes! 

We don't close until April 2, but that doesn't mean that I haven't had visions of home improvement dancing in my head... paint colors, carpet swatches, and light fixtures, oh my!

Here's a picture of la casa:
Cute, isn't it? It's in a great area in Orem and seems like a really nice neighborhood. Then again, I haven't met the neighbors. Once again, The Office put it best:
Michael Scott: Where are all the hot people? I was told that there would be all these attractive singles.
Realtor: Who told you that?
Michael Scott: As far as I can tell, I'm the best looking person here. [later] There's a basic principle in real estate that you should never be the best-looking person in the development. It's just historic common sense because if you are, then you have no place to go but to go down.

Let's hope that we're not the best looking people in the neighborhood, right?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Make it stoooop.

Alright people, I've discovered that there are a lot of things that no one really tells you concerning childbirth and its after-effects. 

One of those things? Post-partum hair loss.

I would say that about 3 1/2 months after Dylan was born, I started noticing that I was losing more hair than usual. Pregnancy was great- I barely lost any hair and was really enjoying my thicker than regular ponytail. Now, I'm losing hair at a rapid rate. Seems like at least triple the amount of hair than usual.

Seriously, it just keeps falling out more and more every day. At this rate, I'll be bald by next year. When does this phenomenon stop? Obviously I know that it stops eventually, but when?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's happenings.

On February 13, Ben and I had our Valentine's celebration. This marks our 4th date since Dylan was born. We really need to get out more, but it's just so much easier to be lazy at home with our bug.

After eating our fancy feast of In N Out, we dropped Dylan off at our friends Allison and McKay's house (where Dylan decided to turn into a demon- sooooooorry.) and we headed out for our date. We I wanted to see New Moon at the dollar theater, but whadayaknow, it was sold out. Seriously, it was released like 3 1/2 months ago- is the demand really that high? Ben said that every single BYU freshman girl was likely at the movie.

We decided to go to Fat Cats and bowl, since we hadn't been bowling since I was about 5 months preg. I beat my all time high score and beat Benjamin too!
See? 156 to 146. Booya.

We like each other.

Happy Love Day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hello, sunshine.

Little Dylan Danger was in such a smiley mood yesterday... actually he's in a smiley mood 90% of the time, but this time I had my camera on me.
He's such a ham.
And...ummmm, did anyone else hit up the Gap yesterday? 40% off everything?!? It truly was amazing. Here I was, just looking for a new pair of pants, when I saw the big, orange sign. 40% off! Wow! I definitely went nuts at BabyGap. Here are a few of my new finds:

I am already obsessed with this monster hat... don't know why. I think that it's something about the little horns on top.

Dylan is obviously thrilled with his new hat. Presh!

Monday, February 15, 2010

And it's not even spring yet.

Ugh, apparently golf season has already started. Most of you are aware of my hate for the sport, as well as Ben's obsessive and undying love for it.

Well, it's 36 degrees and sleeting, and guess where my husband is? On the golf course. The man is crazy.

A perk of December through March is that the weather is too cold for golf, which means that I'm not a Saturday golf widow. Not this year though- Benjamin started golfing on February 13 (not counting his St. George golf weekend in January). 


I hate golf. And the golf channel. And Tiger Woods.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy love day.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! This year I am lucky to have three Valentines:

Benjamin is my best friend. We have more fun than any other couple that I've encountered and he makes me laugh every single day. From games of Quadriplegic to Ambien-induced Nighttime Dinner Theater, Ben is the best. It's been amazing to see him as a father too- I knew that he'd be an amazing dad, but I had no idea how amazing he would really be. He loves Dylan more than anything in the world, which is just how it should be. 

Dylan... he'll be my little Valentine even when he's 50 years old. He's the sweetest, happiest little guy and has made my life so good. Not a day goes by where I don't get a little emotional about how much I love my boy. He's an absolute dream and I am so blessed to have him.
My dad is seriously the best dad in the world. Well, tied for best with Benjamin. He's an amazing example, a great friend, and a fabulous husband, father, and grandfather. Happy Birthday Dad! You're the beast!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Guess who I'm going to blog about. Again.

Dylan Danger!

Today was the third time that we fed Baby Danger rice cereal, and I daresay that he has finally gotten the hang of swallowing something other than straight milk. He actually leaned towards the spoon, opened his mouth, and swallowed the bites. What a smart boy he is.

On the first rice cereal attempt, the majority of the meal ended up spilling out of baby boy's mouth, as he didn't know what to do with the foreign substance:

And then he'd smile, forcing all remaining rice cereal out of his mouth:

Happy little bug.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

There's always next year, right?

{Ben, Dylan, and I in our Colts gear}

Ben, Dylan, and I spent Superbowl Sunday at our friends McKay and Allison's house. Delicious fajitas were eaten while watching what I felt was a lack-luster Superbowl. And I'm not saying that because I'm bitter about the Colts losing... it just wasn't the most exciting game, you know?

And halftime? Don't get me started... can we please have Jay Z and Beyonce perform at next year's Superbowl? I'm tired of watching 65 year old rockstars, although those born prior to 1970 may disagree. 

The best part of the night? (Other than our fabulous hosts of course)
The muy delicioso food. The fajitas were amazing, and I did my small part by making Colts cookies. Other than turning your tongue blue, they were scrumptious.

There's always next year Colts! Go Horse!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

P90 holy cow!

Now that Dylan is over four months old, I need to retire my "I just had a baby so I can't work out attitude." I've been to the gym 3 whole times since Dylan was born and I really need to get back into the workout mode. The baby weight is no longer welcome and needs to be eliminated!

For reasons beyond my understanding, I've decided to skip out of the "easing back into exercise" mentality and dive headfirst into the "psycho-crazy glutton for punishment" exercise mentality.

Yes, that means that I need a P90X workout. Or at least part of one. I died after 20 minutes.

Holy cow, who are these people and how do they put their bodies through such torture? I've never been one to shy away from a certain type of workout, but my gosh these are hard!

My goal is to get rid of my remaining baby weight (7lbs- all located in my stomach) and look decent when family vacation in Florida takes place at the beginning of April. That is, if P90X doesn't kill me first.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Four months.

Weight: 14 lbs 7 oz (40th percentile)
Length: 25 1/2 inches (79th percentile) 
Head: can't remember... (24th percentile)

Here are some things about Dylan...
- he can roll over from tummy to back and back to tummy
- sleeps from 9 pm to 6 or 7 am, has a bottle, then sleeps for 2 more hours
-is awake for 1-2 hours before needing a 1 hour nap
-really loves his mommy, but daddy is his best friend
-is obsessed with the tv.... we often have to turn it off so he will focus his attention elsewhere
-loves being naked. Diaper changes and bath time are favorites
-smiles for anyone and everyone
-wants to put everything in his mouth
-sleeps best when swaddled and in his crib
- hates his pacifier and gets really mad if you try and put it in his mouth
-spits up and farts like there's no tomorrow

Monday, February 1, 2010

We're on tv!

Yesterday morning my dad was asked if he would mind being interviewed by a Denver news station about his recent heart attack and the help he was given by Hotel Teatro staff. The reporter also spoke to my mom, sister, and I about the situation. I definitely wasn't planning on being on camera, hence the lack of makeup. Oi vey.

See the story!