Monday, May 27, 2013

The Pregnancy + A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Well look at that, I'm posting again! To be honest, I'm pretty proud that I've followed through on posting again so quickly, since I'm in a (barely) functional state of sleep deprivation. Just keeping it real. 

Before I start into my storytelling, can I just share a few pictures of my little Owen? He's so cute, I can barely handle it. 
{2.5 weeks old}

He has a major dimple on his right cheek and a little one on his left cheek. This is the only picture I have of his cute right dimple. 

Anyway, I wanted to let you know how things went for me with pregnancy, as well as the ridiculous series of unfortunate events in the days prior to Owen's birth. You know me, ridiculous things just seem to happen at awful times. Lest we forget, the time I ruined Ben's birthday surprise. 

Overall, pregnancy #2 was very good to me. It was so much better being pregnant throughout the winter and spring, rather than all through the summer like I was with Dylan. There wasn't nearly as much discomfort or bloating this time around. My least pleasant pregnancy symptoms only lasted through weeks 6-12, and I felt pretty great otherwise. The only real blips on the radar were my random 24 hour bugs on Christmas and Valentine's Day. Apparently the flu only likes me on holidays.

This pregnancy I was a big-time slacker on taking photos of myself. Here are my three pregnancy pictures:

{28 weeks}

{38 weeks}

{39.5 weeks- delivery day!}

Good gosh, just looking at my pregnancy pictures makes me feel sorry for myself. Like I said, overall I had a great pregnancy, but ask anyone how they feel from weeks 38 until delivery and you'll probably get complaints out the wahzoo. I liked to compare myself to a hippo, manatee, etc. when asked how I felt at the end. 

And onto the unfortunate events...

On May 5 (2 days before baby), I was getting ready for church. I was going downstairs to the laundry room to iron my clothes. As I was walking downstairs, I smelled something disgusting. Imagine my surprise when I got to the laundry room and saw that there was a giant puddle of poo-water seeping up from the drain in the floor. No joke. As a result, church was not attended that day, as we stuck around the house for the plumber to fix the nasty sewer problem. $300 later, the poo-water was gone. The cause? Things that we couldn't have controlled, such as the roots from the tree in the front yard causing sewer drama. 

On May 6 (1 day before baby), Dylan woke up at a freakishly early hour (about 6 am... he usually gets up around 8) and crawled into bed with us. He was being very quiet and had a funny look on his face. After laying with us for a minute he turned to Ben and puked all over him. It was about 90% disgusting and 10% hilarious. We cleaned things up, gave Dylan a puke bowl, and laid down some towels. Over the next 3 hours Dylan managed to throw up in pretty much every room of the house. Just what I wanted to do the day before we had a baby- clean up vomit everywhere I turned.  I was terrified that Dylan had the flu and we were going to have to deal with keeping Dylan quarantined from the baby if he was still sick when we brought him home. Luckily, it seemed like Dylan only had a 3 hour bug, since he was good as new after 9 am that day. 

After the two days of drama, I was a little concerned that there was going to be a disaster of some sort on baby day, as bad things seem to happen in threes. Luckily that was not the case for us. 

Next up...
-The nursery
-Owen's birth story

Friday, May 24, 2013

Oh, hi.

Hi friends! I took a bit of a blogging break, didn't I? Well, I'm really hoping that when I say that I'm back to blogging that I'll really follow through. Getting my thoughts/life events/likes/dislikes out there really is nice... it's my little public journal and scrapbook. And I so desperately need to document some of the changes that have taken place over the past few months, because there have been some major ones. 

The biggest change is that we are now a family of four! Hooray! 

I was induced on May 7, and at 5:25 pm Owen Maverick Harris made his arrival. There is so much that I want to say about that day, and I will, but not today. It was a wonderful day and surprisingly quite different from my labor and delivery with Dylan. Not that my childbirth experiences have been bad, but I was just surprised how different they were from each other. 

You know what else has surprised me? How different Owen is from when Dylan was a newborn. Seriously, Owen has been the most content, laid-back  baby that I could have ever imagined, knock on wood. I think that Dylan was just a little more of a normal baby (he had his days and nights mixed up for the first few weeks, oy) and Owen is just really, blessedly easy. 

You know what has not surprised me? How Owen and Dylan look almost identical as newborns. Seriously, take a look:
Owen, 7 days old

Dylan, 8 days old

Seriously, their little faces are so much alike!

There really are so many things that I want to document on the blog, so maybe if I list them out it will be more likely to actually happen. Here are a few things that I'm planning to post about in the upcoming week or so:

-The unfortunate events of May 5 and 6
- Owen's birth story
- Owen's nursery
- Becoming a mama of 2