Friday, July 3, 2009

Ideas for adventures?

Ben and I have started calling this summer "Adventure Summer," because we want to do as many fun things as possible before the bun makes his arrival. The trouble is, we can't think of anything to do! How lame are we?

Can any of you guys think of fun things to do in Utah? Mind you, being almost 7 months pregnant creates some limitations.

Please help! Also, I'm thinking that I have some lurkers- lurkers, please help with this too! Everyone is welcome here... well, maybe except for my DCFS clients. Eek.

Some perimeters for the adventures are:
1. Not crazy expensive. Yes, we're willing to spend money, but we're not going to drop $300 on a day-long activity.
2. Won't require more than 2 days of our time. I'm hoarding my work vacation days like a squirrel hoards nuts before winter. Except for my winter is called maternity leave.
3. Cannot have anything to do with golf. Ben already golfs enough to make me crazy.


Jaime Wilkins said...

The Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. It's gorgeous! They have a tour, you can ask questions and then go out and pet the llamas and the mini bulls. All for FREE!

The Tracy Aviary ( in Salt Lake is pretty fun. It's $5 each and they have a lot of birds. It's located in Liberty Park which also has swimming, tennis, a pond with paddle boat rentals, and a ferris wheel.

Good luck with finding adventures!

Jaime Wilkins said...

Almost forgot, Sundance has moonlit Ski Lift rides during the full moon-- July 6th and 7th, August 6th and 7th and September 3rd, 4th, and 5th. $10 each.

Plus you could go to a Salt Lake Bees or Orem Owlz game. The night games aren't TOO hot...well once the sun goes down!

Sarah and Ty said...

I don't know specifics on any of these but here are ideas:

all/any summer concerts (SLC, Provo, Heber maybe?)

anything park city

Thanksgiving Point is my favorite spot EVER in Utah.

nice trail walk

overnight trip to St George. fun getaway!! take them while you can

night walks.

The biggies: Zions/Arches

City days...parades, rodeos, hit them all up!

late movies. ty & i did lots of these before andie came. and make sure to just go last minute. don't plan

BYU education week

yummy restaurants you don't want to pay a babysitter to go out to later. LOTS of yummy between SLC, Utah county, Park city


Morgan said...

It would take some driving but...

Zion National Park

Snow Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon

A trip to St. George and see the Broadway style plays at Tuachan.

While they are great places to hike, they are also great for driving around and exploring in the car. There are some simple trails and walks....but I am not sure you are into that sort of stuff.

Terri and Jack said...

Attend the temples in Utah! Once the bun comes.... it gets rather difficult and you will wish you did when you had the chance!

B and C said...

Seriously mom? Temples for an adventure?

Saduq and Serena said...

Camping (with an air mattress haha), tandem bike ride, fairs (lots of yummy food!), picnics....