Thursday, July 14, 2011

That's so funny... not.

Here are three things that have happened to our little family since Sunday. Hilarious, ridiculous, and pitiful. Read on. 

Story #1
Disaster struck last Sunday when my family was in town. Ben and my brother in law T were out on a motorcycle ride and my mom, sister, and I were talking in the kitchen. All of a sudden we hear a strange "wwsssshhhhhhh" sound coming from the basement. I peeked down the stairs and saw a huge stream of water spraying out of our laundry room. I ran downstairs and tried to find the source of the water, only to get sprayed in the face. I ran out of the laundry room and booked it to Ben's golf room (I know, ha) to try and shut off our water supply. Guess who couldn't get the water to turn off? Thank goodness my dad was there- he managed to turn the water off on the washer, stopping the spray. The problem? A broken washer hose. Oy.

Story #2
We have a neighbor down the street who is.... special. He's in his 50s and lives with his mother. Seems like he definitely has some OCD going on, as well as some other issues. Anyway, over the past year he has come to our front door 4 times asking us to clean our gutters (which are not bad at all) or to run our sprinklers at a different time, as water from our gutters runs down the street to his and he cleans out his gutters ever morning and likes them to stay clean and dry throughout the day. We've always been polite, although not very apologetic because let's face it, who cares if I want to run my sprinklers at 5 pm? It's not a big deal. We shouldn't have to apologize for doing something perfectly normal- sorry if you are crazypants and can't handle your gutters being wet after you cleaned them. Anyway, on Monday Ben accidentally left our sprinklers on "auto" all day, which meant that our sprinklers probably ran 3 times over the course of the day. Crazy neighbor definitely came to our door at 7 pm, swore at Ben, and told us that he was going to call the city on us. Ben told him to get off our property and don't come back.
*This guy is really creepy, so if either us mysteriously go missing, check the house down the street. You never know.

Story #3
Yesterday evening Dylan really wanted to go to the park. Since the park is so close, I decided that we could go even though it was sprinkling outside. Dylan took his little wagon to pull to the park and I followed right behind. Right when we got to the park the rain started coming down a little heavier. I picked up Dylan (who was screaming in protest) so we could head home. The rain suddenly turned into a ridiculously heavy downpour, and we were soaked within 30 seconds. I put Dylan's wagon over his head and tried to walk as quickly as possible toward home. A minute later a good Samaritan saw how pitiful we were and pulled over in her car to give us a ride home. Even though home was probably less than 1/4 mile away I took her up on it. Thank goodness for nice people- we were absolutely soaked and we were so grateful that someone was willing to help Dylan and I in a downpour.

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