Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hooray for a re-cap!

Dylan and I spent last week in Indiana where we had eight lovely days with family. There's way too much to post if I want to do a proper documentation of the visit, so please accept my photo collages with minimal blurbs... I can either keep it brief and get most things covered, or long and only cover 2% of the visit. I vote brief. 

As always, my visit was wonderful and went too quickly. Hopefully I'll be able to visit again soon!

1. Dylan giving his cousin Evvie the stink eye. Seriously. 
2. Digging for dino bones at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.
3. Holy cow, it's a digger. Dylan was in heaven.
4. It's Indy, so there has to be a race car to sit in.
5. Again in the digger. He was too excited for words.
6. Cousins in their matching pajamas... trying to get picture with smiles.
7. And now for funny faces.
8. Kiddos at the park, before Dylan fell and bit his tongue.
9. Another cute pajamas moment.
1. Family lunch on Sarah's bday. Where's Sarah?
2. Cousins swinging at the park
3. Yogurt at YoYo Mama- how cute is the decor?
4. Dylan on the motorcycle.
5. Dylan and Ashton were so excited to see each other!
6. Dylan on the carousel at the Children's Museum
7. Cake, ice cream, and cute paper products!
8. Screenshot of Ben's excited face- and Brent!
9. Cool artwork at Scotty's restaurant

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