Thursday, July 11, 2013

Owen at Two Months.

Height: 23 1/2 in. (74th percentile)
Weight: 11 lbs 4 oz. (26th percentile)
Head: 15 1/4 in. (39th percentile)

Owen has been such a wonderful baby. His personality is so mellow and pleasant, and it has really made the transition from one child to two much less traumatic that I had originally feared. Like I've said before, it just seems like Owen has always been part of our family. 

Owen just loves to be held and snuggled. In fact, I think he'd be content being held all day, every day. He's usually fine with lying on a blanket and looking around for a little bit or sitting in his bouncer. He also enjoys tummy time in small doses, and he's perfected the "drop and roll"- it seems to be his unintentional way to end tummy time. Just this week we started sitting him in his Bumbo, which has been a big hit- he loves it!

Owen has been very healthy since birth, and the only minor issue has been some dermatitis (looks like baby acne, but it is a scaly rash that was on his face, ears, neck, and chest.) All he needs is some special shampoo for the next little while and he's good to go. 

Owen started smiling at 6 weeks, and has smiled more and more each day. I can usually get the most smiles out of him when he's getting his diaper changed- he loves being naked!

Owen has been a great eater from day 1, and is very quick and efficient in his feedings. He's usually finished eating within 5-7 minutes! I was a little concerned about how short his feedings were- I just wanted to be sure that he was getting all the milk he needed- so I went to the lactation consultant. The consultant assured me that he was getting enough milk (she weighed him before and after his feeding), and it seems like he's just a fast eater. No complaints here! 

Owen is currently on a two hour cycle during the day- stay awake for 1 hour, sleep for 1 hour. Having the day broken up in just two hour chunks can be a little exhausting, but he usually takes one longer nap during the day. He's a great sleeper at night- he has slept for as long as 6 hours at a time, but usually goes from about 10:30-3 or 3:30 am, and then wakes up again around 6 or 7. Only waking up once each night instead of 2 or 3 times has been wonderful- getting those hours of uninterrupted sleep have felt like such a luxury for me!

Owen likes to be swaddled for sleep- when he was first born I was swaddling him with Aden+Anais blankets for sleep, and then I transitioned him to the miracle blanket. Today I started putting him in a Woombie. Let me tell you, Woombies are the best. It seems impossible for their little arms to escape, and it creates a womb-like feeling for babies. If you're wondering if you should get one for your baby, I say do it! I Dylan loved his, and I'm sure that Owen will too. 

{How cute is his motorcycle Woombie?}

Overall, Owen has been such an ideal baby. His happy little spirit has brought so much joy into our home, and I'm so blessed to be his mom!


Taylor Kowallis said...

oooooo maybe I should get one of these woombies!!?? He is so cute! Im so glad hes been such a great baby!! Good job future son-in-law!!

Catherine said...

So adorable! I think he already looks like you SO much!