Thursday, December 12, 2013

Turning 29 + The Happs.

Hello, friends!

Last Sunday was my birthday, and I can hardly believe that I am now 29. Like, almost 30. And guess what? That terrifies me. Ever since I turned 27, I get a little freaked out over getting older. Can I just stay 24 and call it good? Seriously, that was the perfect age. Let's all be 24 forever, alright?

Putting my ridiculous feelings aside, it really was a wonderful day. Ben and Dylan made my day wonderful, and it was full of cake, french toast, and relaxation. 
How sweet is this cake? Benjamin knows that I'm a sucker for 1. Cake 2. All things girly 3. Anything that says "from your boys." No joke. 

I had normal french toast, but Ben cut Dylan's french toast to be the shape of his Ninja Turtle weapons. This made Dylan's morning... and my morning too, since there are few things that make me love my husband more than watching him be a great dad. 

See what's going on in this adorable, snuggle-loving picture? That would be sweet Owen grabbing my necklace with excitement. Imagine this scene, only we were sitting in our pew at church. Picture my necklace (not the one pictured, thank goodness) breaking after a tug from Owen and little beads flying everywhere (including about 15 that went down my shirt and got stuck in my bra.) True story. 

I totally jokingly guilt-tripped my parents after they told me that my birthday present would be arriving late. This showed up at my door the next day. Best guilt cookies ever. 

It has been long-established that I'm absolutely obsessed with my children, but they have been extra fun lately and I have to share:
You all know how much a love baby-wearing, right? Dylan came out of his room the other morning "wearing" his two favorite stuffed animals. He had their little faces turned out and he said that they were "in his wrap." Too cute. 

My little baby is getting so big! He loves to eat anything you will give him. 

Dylan came out of his room the other day wearing this. He said that he was Gaston (not sure if he means from Beauty and the Beast... I've never shown him that movie.) Here he is, flexing his muscles in his snow boots, Ninja Turtle underwear, and a backpack. 

Also, my sister Sarah seems to think that my house is always clean, clean, clean. While it usually looks pretty good, two littles frequently make it look like a tornado hit. Here's some documentation:
Sarah dared me to keep the room looking like this for 24 hours. I just couldn't do it- I feel claustrophobic when things are a mess. I think that this mess lasted for about an hour. 

** Guess what? Christmas vacation starts in one week! We are headed to Indiana for an amazing 10 days! Can't wait!!!**


Catherine said...

I'm with you on 29 being a scary age. Also, I beat myself up a little because I'm going to be 29 and not even married, never mind a mom. Ridiculous, I know. (And also maybe too personal for a comment?! Sorry! :) ) In any case, your boys are so adorable, and I had to laugh at the necklace story!!

Sarah said...

I would add to your cake list 4. You love anything from Target. :) 29 & 30 are crazy ages. I never thought i would care about age but I know exactly what you mean. It didn't hit me until after Ty turned 30 & then I couldn't get it out of my head for the next 5 months waiting for my turn to be 30. It's in a lot of my blog posts from that time period. LOL.