Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Owen at Twelve Months.

I'm about two months late in posting this, but better late than never, right?

Length: 30 inches (53rd percentile)
Weight: 18 lbs 4 oz (8th percentile- wahoo!)
Head:17.5 lbs (10th percentile)

Owen is such a sweet, happy little guy and I can't believe that he's been in our family for a year! Owen continues to be a happy, calm, and curious little guy. He wakes up happy and stands in his crib just waiting for me to come get him. When I come into his room he gets all excited, hands me his blanket, and then puts his arms up for me to pick him up. 

While you can't see it in the picture, Owen finally has two teeth on the bottom! He was a sad little teether and seemed pretty uncomfortable with the whole process. Too bad this is just the beginning. 

Owen has a really consistent sleeping schedule- wake up around 7-7:30, naps at 10 and 2 or 3, and then bedtime at 8. Owen still wakes up once a night for the most part, but sometimes sleeps through the night and it feels like the best thing ever. 

Owen has no interest in cow's milk at this time- in fact, he gets really, really upset about it. He will not take a bottle from me and he won't take a whole milk bottle from anyone else. If it's not my milk, he doesn't want any part of it. This is not helpful for me, as I'm really ready to phase out breastfeeding! At 12 months I'm still nursing him 4 times each day with hopes to start tapering things off this month. 

Owen is absolutely opposite from Dylan when it comes to eating habits. He loves all fruits and vegetables, but has little interest in breads and pastas. No complaints from me- I love that he loves healthy foods. Typically I give Owen some YoBaby yogurt and cheerios for breakfast, two pouches of baby food and some chopped up fruit for lunch, a snack of fruit, raisins, applesauce, etc, and then whatever we're eating for dinner, plus more baby food and/or cooked vegetables. 

Owen is so interested in toys and also loves to look at books. He has a few in our living room that he's always pulling out and flipping through. He also loves Dylan's toys and always wants to be into whatever Dylan is doing. 

Owen is still crawling for the most part, but he will take a step here and there between cruising on the furniture. I'm so ready for him to walk, because his poor knees, shins, and feet are getting so scratched up when we're outside. I put him in pants a lot because of this, but it's starting to heat up and I know shorts will be a better choice soon. So far he refuses to keep his shoes on, but he just has a pair of baby sandals from Target and they are not difficult to remove. Owen is great at going up and down stairs, although I still watch him really closely when he's on the stairs- I don't need him to fall and break his collarbone like Dylan did at 18 months!

Owen is absolutely obsessed with Ben. Those two have the sweetest, happiest relationship and I love that they're such pals. Owen gets so excited when Ben comes home after work and usually spends the rest of the evening wanting to be held by his dad. They wrestle and play, and Dylan usually joins in on whatever they're doing. 

Here are a few pictures from Owen at 12 months, including a few from his birthday and party:

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