Monday, November 12, 2007

Hanson: The Review

On November 8th, Ben and I made the trek to Las Vegas to attend the Hanson concert. This was a milestone moment for me, as I have been a Hanson fan for a decade, yet never attended one of their concerts. We got to Mandalay Bay, where the concert was held. After shopping around a bit and eating a yummy dinner at the House of Blues Restaurant, we headed into the concert. When we got in, the opening band Fletch was still playing. They were actually pretty good- a little Emo for me, but very entertaining. Then, around 8pm, Hanson came out. I was so excited to see them- and our seats were so close! Unfortunately, that was the high point of the night. They sounded good and it was fun to hear them play, but those Hanson brothers were seriously not into it that night. I realize that Las Vegas was stop #35 or something of their tour, so they were probably sick and tired of life on the road, but they really did not seem that into it. AND they didn't even play my favorite 2 songs from their new cd- 'Georgia' and 'Running Man." They did, however, play a ton (possibly too many) of their old songs. Mmmbop included. And Taylor Hanson, whom I loooved as a 13 year old, was wearing some truly ugly pants. And I don't think he was wearing any underwear. Overall, while they sounded great, I will think twice before driving 6 hours to see them again. Step it up, Hanson.

ps- Where are the pictures of this occasion? Funny you ask. I didn't realize that my camera batteries were dead until we were in Mandalay Bay. Booo.


Morgan said...

No underwear? What? Sorry it was a disappointment. Sounds like a fun get-away though.

Miss Chris said...

No underwear indeed- his pants were that tight. Ben had a good time making fun of him though.