Saturday, May 24, 2008


Apparently Ben has banned me from making oatmeal in the morning. He complains that whenever I make it the house reeks like maple syrup for the rest of the day and it makes him nauseous. I am not sure how he even notices the smell of my oatmeal 8+ hours later when he comes home from work. Ugh, sometimes boys are just so picky. I told Ben that as long as I had cereal available I would not resort to making oatmeal. This didn't seem to satisfy him, as he made me promise to stop making that "wretched oatmeal" as he calls it. Whatev.


baby's got blue eyes said...

You could always make it at work instead!

Sariah in Vancouver said...

He doesn't like maple syrup? I don't know if I've ever met anyone who doesn't like that! lol

What if you made plain oatmeal and added your own syrup and brown sugar? Or does that "smell up the house" just as much? lol

Terri said...

Two good suggestions, Chris! In fact, there is Splenda Brown sugar that has no calories- and you can use light maple syrup.