Monday, May 12, 2008

In love.

I am absolutely in love with these Dabby Reid necklaces. My sister was raving about them the other day, and when I received my Nordstrom catalog in the mail I realized why she was so in love. They're gorgeous and I am full-on obsessed with the idea of getting one of these necklaces. I would happily take any of them, but I think that I prefer the pink/tangerine or the blue. Seriously, I think that these necklaces are so lovely that they constitute as a need, not just a want.
My next step is getting Ben to agree with me.


sarahbclark! said...

wuv. twoo wuv.

i want the white one on the site. i love the colorful ones but white would go with a lot of things for me. like that brown and white dress i got last time we were in florida.

anderson said...

i'm concerned that your monthly allowance is already spent for June on these fab necklaces. I say go for it.