Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two week stats and other news.

Height: 35th percentile
Weight: 30th percentile
Head circumference: 26th percentile

Dylan had his two week appointment a few days ago and handled it like a champ- barely crying with the heel stick and peeing all over the exam room wall. He weighs 8 lbs 4 oz, which means that he's gained a pound in the past 11 days. Wow!

In other news, my mom went home yesterday. Boo. I was so sad to see her go- she is the reason that I kept my sanity over the past 2 1/2 weeks. I know that I'm really lucky that she was able to be with me and Dylan for so long, but I wish that I could make her a bedroom in my basement and have her stay on a permanent basis. Not even kidding. Dylan absolutely adored his grandma too- he would calm down whenever he heard her voice.


Thomas and Melissa said...

That is the cutest grandma/baby picture ever. Please frame it and put it somewhere! I like you and am so glad you are a momma now too, play dates to come when we aren't so crazy! You do stop feeling crazy... at least I think you do :) some day right! No, no, you are amazing and will do great without your mom. I like you!

Angela and Mike said...

He is so so cute. His stats are perfect. He is perfect! Having moms leave is the worst :( I'm sorry.

Janna said...

He's so beautiful!!!

Terri and Jack said...

I do look like the "crazy grandma"! Dad saw the picture and laughed and laughed. I miss you guys sooo much. Seeing Dylan's picture makes my heart ache! PS- You'll do just fine! He's a lucky little boy to have you for his mommy and Ben for his daddy.

Lindsey said...

OH its the BEST to have your mom around to help! little dylan is just adorable!

Kristin said...

He is the cutest baby!!