Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I never thought that I'd say this.

I am going to kill my cat. Kill. Moo is driving me crazy!

Ever since Dylan's arrival he has been the most obnoxious animal. He's really good with the baby- he ignores him for the most part (other than jumping on my lap when Dylan is already in my lap, stepping on Dylan in the process), but there is definitely some jealousy going on. Moo isn't just jealous of the baby- he wants to be the baby.

Here are some of his regular offenses:
  • stealing Dylan's socks and peepee tepees and batting them under the fridge
  • going into Dylan's room during naptime and howling
  • sneaking into Dylan's room at night to sleep on the glider, changing table, or hamper
  • sprinting from room to room all day long
  • following me everywhere, crying

{Moo trying to get me to hold him. If it were up to him, I would be holding him all day long.}

 I know it's obvious that the poor animal wants some attention, but he is driving me bananas! I thought that cats were supposed to be independent and not care about anyone... I guess that my cat is abnormal. I make a conscious effort to give both cats attention every day, but when Dylan is awake my attention is obviously on him.

Any cat whisperers out there?

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