Friday, November 20, 2009

Lunching with my girls.

Today I was able to go to lunch with some of my favorite girls- Andrea, Melissa, Kaylee, and RaNae (not pictured)  to celebrate Kaylee's 24th birthday. Since having Dylan, my outings- especially social outings- have been extremely limited, so getting out to see some of my girls was v. exciting... definitely the highlight of my week.

There's something special about spending time with people who have known you since you were 10... you can be completely real with them and not worry about them judging you or anything... they've known you so long and have come to accept you and your little quirks years and years ago. It's nice.

Melissa, RaNae, and I were able to freak out prepare Andrea for the joys of motherhood- she's expecting her first baby in June. My piece of advice to her was to accept that the first night home with the baby would be absolutely terrible. Cause it is, isn't it?

Not knowing what you're doing + crying baby + crazy hormones = worst night ever.

The lunch was great, the company was even greater. Happy birthday Kaylee! Love you girls!

Dylan came to lunch too- he did great. He looked like this the whole time, not making a peep. 

ps- I think there were a few chickies missing from this lunch... you know who you are. Move back to Utah.


Taylor Kowallis said...

ahhh! Im so sad I missed this!!! I will be in Utah on Monday though!!! I hope to see you before you leave for Indiana!

Darek and Hollie Woodward said...

I'm bummed I wasn't there too!! You girlies need to move back to Indiana STAT!!

Thomas and Melissa said...

I look like a weirdo... that's what I get for letting my kid scream while we take pictures...what a meanie! I love this post and I do love that we've known each other forever really. I do love those little things that only come from knowing someone through puberty! I'm so glad we are still friends :)

Kaley Shoaf said...

I loved this lunch, too! And I loved that you all came to share my birthday with me! I would think, however, that you may know how to spell my name by now.....=)