Monday, May 17, 2010

Open mouth, insert foot.

Last Saturday I had the second most embarassing moment of my life. I blogged about the most embarassing moment of my life awhile back, but this one is nearly as bad. 

I was at Remedez salon and spa at University Mall to use the massage gift certificate that Ben got me for mother's day. My cute massage therapist brought my back to the spa area and proceeded to give me a foot soak/rub. 

Then I asked her the dreaded question.... stupid, stupid, stupid.

"Soooo, you're pregnant. When are you due?"

Yeah, she wasn't pregnant. When she said that she wasn't, I didn't know what to do or say. I couldn't find a way out of this one. I just said that I was so sorry and left it at that. 

The next hour consisted of me mentally kicking myself over and over again during my massage. Next time, I will not ask a woman about her potential pregnancy unless she has told me that she is pregnant, no exceptions. 



Sarah and Ty said...

Just read about the MOST embarrassing. Wow that was awful at Dillards. Funny though that she thought her voice was good enough to play over the whole store? Well sorry about this one too. I bet you wished it would've been at the end...

Erin said...

Oh I hate that!!! Bet you couldn't even ENJOY your mother's day gift!

If it makes you feel any better...

This happened to me once...a friend from high school who had always been way way skinny. She had a baby and a year and a half AFTER she had her baby- I saw her at church (this is the first time I saw her in 5+ years and she looked about 8 months pregnant). I said "When are you due?" She said "Oh I am not pregnant, its baby fat" and (Kick myself even harder) I said "Oh you just had another one then!" She said "Nope-only the one" and pointed to her 18month old daughter.

I wanted to die! And I know her! And still run into her!!!!

Anonymous said...

um. sorry x. but this is WAY worse than your dillards story. it was probably really embarrassing for her too. being on that side of the fence i know she wanted to die. i'm totally not making you feel better. sorry. but i still love ya.