Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The $5 rule

A few months ago I read this post on one of the blogs that I regularly visit. The blogger talks about how she is working to start a savings account for her baby without actually going to the bank and open up an account.

To get the account going, she and her husband are living by the $5 rule, meaning that whenever she or her hubby gets a $5 bill it goes into her baby's at home savings account.

Ben and I (well, mostly me with a little Ben) have implemented this into our home too... whenever I have a five, I put it in Dylan's little red piggy bank. It's amazing how his little savings account has grown over the past few months... every week we add another couple of fives and it just keeps growing and growing.

Eventually we will head to the bank and open an account for Dylan... since there will likely be college, a mission, and a wedding to pay for. Until then, little red pig gets fatter and fatter each week.


Anonymous said...

This is a cute idea but you will soon be asking cashiers to give you ones instead of fives. lol

sorry you prob didnt even know I stalked your blog but you blog is way funny. If you want an evite to mine let me know.

Lori said...

Me and TJ have opened an account at the bank for Taylor, and we took her little piggy bank in, that girl had almost $20 in just coins and a few ones. She is good at finding coins. So shortly Dylan will be able to contribute to his too.