Monday, June 7, 2010

8 months.

Dylan turned 8 months old last week, despite me requesting that he stay at 7 months. My boy is growing up way more quickly than I would like. Here are a few things about Dylan at 8 months:

-The first tooth just came in! The teething process has been a little rough on him, but thank goodness for teething tablets.
-Crawling like a speed demon. The boy is seriously fast.And he won't stay stationary unless he's asleep.
- Pulling up on everything and cruises from one piece of furniture to another.
-Has an increasing number of sounds, curently including ga, ma, da, na, and ya.
- Loooooves to hear his voice. Screaming, sqealing, babbling... he does it all the time. Especially in church.
- Facinated with the cats and their food. He is continually getting into the cat's food and trying to shove two fistfuls of it into his mouth- yuck!
- Still takes 3 naps for one hour each for the most part, although he occasionally surprises us with a 3 hour nap out of the blue.
-Loves any food that you'll give him. He's become such a beggar when me or Ben is eating... he thinks that he should get a taste of everything.
-Gets a kick out of being pulled around the house in his "wagon." {empty diaper box with flaps cut off, string attached to the front}
-Refused to stay put for our 8 month picture. He was determined to crawl away after being seated for more than a second. Crazy boy!


Terri and Jack said...

He's delicious!

The Millet's said...

Can I see him soon, please?