Saturday, December 17, 2011

A day of yum.

Today marks the first annual Harris Family Christmas Treat Extravaganza. Since being married, I haven't done a holiday treat-making day, and I was excited to make goodies and deliver them to some of our neighbor friends. I remember being a little kid and making cookies with my sister and mom around Christmas time, and it's a memory that I hold dear. I want to give Dylan the opportunity to have similar traditions and memories, and I am so excited that he's finally at the age where he's starting to "get" Christmas, Santa, etc. 

Anyway, here's a peek at our delicious treat plates:
Serious deliciousness, I'm telling you.

Here's what I made:

Ben made me promise that I would save some of these treats for us, because he gets really sad when I made treats and then give all of them away. I saved a little bit of everything, and we have been sufficiently sugar-buzzed for the whole day. It's been divine.

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Happy Harrison said...

...and they were very much enjoyed at our home as well :)
so glad you posted the links to make them. I was going to ask you for the recipes.