Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa!!! I know him!!!

Tuesday night Ben, Dylan, and I went to the Riverwoods in search of Santa. Last year we went to University Mall for a Santa visit, and lemme tell you- it was kind of a letdown. Standing in line for 45 minutes, paying $20 for a picture (no personal cameras allowed- only the Santa professional one), and a Santa that seemed so over it. 

When we arrived at the Riverwoods we were in awe over the beautiful light displays. Even Ben was impressed, which was saying something. Our first stop was Provo Beach Resort, because Dylan saw the carousel on the way in and kept talking about the horsies. 
{Happy little boy}

We then went over to Santa's cottage in the middle of the mall. There was only a short line and I was thrilled to see that we could take picture with our own cameras, free of charge. Yay!

Dylan was so excited to visit with Santa as soon as he spotted him. He kept pointing and saying hi to Santa as we were waiting in line. 

 Dylan started talking to Santa as soon as it was our turn. This was a fabulous Santa- he had heard me talking to Dylan before we were up, and he remembered Dylan's name. I know that it didn't register to Dylan, but I loved that Santa started talking to Dylan and using his name without me having to tell him. Again, this Santa was excellent!
I know that Dylan looks a little unsure in this picture, but he really was excited to see Santa. I knew that it would go one of two ways with Santa this year- either love or hate. This year was definitely love!

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Sarah said...

I love the Santa village at the Riverwoods. Actually I love that whole mall & especially this time of year. Last year we went to Tucanos for Christmas Eve lunch & "happened" upon him coming around the corner. I'm not sure if I was more excited or the kids. This Santa looks amazing. how fun!!