Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tagged, yo.

4 Movies I would watch more then once
1.) Count of Monte Cristo
2.) Fever Pitch
3.) Mean Girls
4.) Hitch

4 Jobs I have had
1.) Caseworker w/ the State
2.) delivery driver for Napa Auto Parts. Ugh, this job was so not me. 12 weeks of feeling out of my element.
3.) Gymnastics instructor- teaching 3 year olds how to do cartwheels.
4.) Classroom support @ BYU- most cush job ever

4 Places I have lived
1.) Orem, UT
2.) Columbus, IN
3.) St. Charles, MO
4.) Cranberry, PA

4 Places I have been to/visited
1.) Disney World
2.) Caribbean
3.) Grand Canyon
4.) New York City

4 Favorite Foods
1.) Pears
2.) jelly beans
3.) mashed potatoes
4.) pulled pork

4 Places I would like to Visit
1.) Greece
2.) Italy
3.) England
4.) Egypt

4 Things I am looking Forward to
1.) getting my hair touched up on the 30th
2.) house hunting
3.) Hills season 4 (how lame am I?)
4.) parentals visiting

4 Friends I am Tagging
1.) Sarah-beara
2.) Katie Clem
3.) Sarah Bennett
4.) Taylor Kowallis


mckay said...

love it. thanks for sharing. ps your food choices are as random and as gross when eaten together as mine are.

Nicki said...

i love that the tagging went to you! i'm so into this blogging thing right now.

sarahbclark! said...

still working on this, btw.