Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A few thoughts.

-My mom just left after 6 days of hanging out. It was a crazy, busy weekend full of nursery planning, painting, shopping, registering, etc. We had a great time, but it was amazing how quickly the time passed. Come back soon mom!

- Sorry about the lack of pictures for the past month. We got a new computer and haven't loaded our picture program on the new computer. I do have a bunch of pictures that I want to post!

- The baby bump is in full swing. Seriously, about a week before the awful 8 pound gain Dr. appointment, I "popped." I definitely look pregnant, and I probably look like I'm more than 21 weeks.

-Anyone else watching The Bachelorette? Can you believe the foot fetish guy? I agree with No Sex and the City, he's definitely got the gay vibe going on. And Jillian seemed to realize that he had a freaky obsession and still gave him a rose. What?!? Also, I'm loving the pilot guy and Kiptyn. Hopefully Jillian will keep them around and get rid of Foot Fetish.


Taylor Kowallis said...

I love the Pilot guy too!!! Im glad you had fun with your mom! I had fun with mine too! I just dropped her off at the airport :( sad! I want to see pics of that belly of yours!!!

Nici said...

I am a little put off by Jillian though...she is a kissing slut! She has not waited once to be kissed (except when the pilot attacked her) but she is being really forward and kissing everyone! Also...The one I can't stand is the counrty singer! He is full of himself!

sarahbclark! said...

your belly probably looks bigger than 21 weeks because you have a short waist, so baby has nowhere to go but out!
i'm having wyatt practice saying "baby dylan", he's coming along. he knows "tchit-chi" (that's you) is somehow connected with that name because whenever we talk about a baby he'll say your name.