Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just a word of warning.

Do not get an Arby's roast burger. They are not pleasant.

Mind you, I did not intentionally order a roast burger.

Here's the story. Brace yourselves. Last night, Ben and I drove through Arby's for a 10pm dinner and I ordered my standard #1. Roast beef sandwich, curly fry, DDP. Ben ordered something else... something nasty with Swiss cheese. ANYWAY. I get home, open the bag, and realize that I did not get my regular roast beef sandwich, I got the dreaded roast burger. Complete with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato.... basically, everything I wouldn't want on my reg rb.

I was livid. I got the phone book out and was ready to let the Arby's people know what I thought of their drive thru oder accuracy. Ben then reminded me that the most I would get from Arby's is an offer to get my regular rb if I come back. True, true. It was like 10pm, I wasn't going to leave my house again to go to Arby's again. Sigh.

I then decided to suck it up, scrape off the extra toppings and eat my plain roast burger complete with weird bun. It was not satisfying or pleasant.

Bottom line, don't mess up the pregnant lady's food order. Bad things will happen and an angry blog will be posted.

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