Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun is coming.

As I type, my mom is on her way from Indiana to Utah! Hooray!
I always have the best time with my mom, whether we're just hanging out at my house or we're out and about doing activities. She will be here for 6 days, so we should squeeze in loads of quality time.
We have a definite agenda for the week- Operation Baby Harris Nursery. This includes painting, picking out furniture, and conquering the task of finding fabulous bedding.
Ben should be excited too, because he knows that whenever my mom is in town, we are always busy with something or another. This means lots of golf for him.

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Taylor Kowallis said...

yay! How fun! My mom is coming today too!! I wish I still lived in Utah then all 4 of us could of had some good fun! Tell her hello!!! Love you