Monday, December 7, 2009

My birthday wish list.

Tomorrow is my 25th birthday... I seriously can't believe that I'm already going to be 25! I really feel like I'm still 19 and should be racing to BYU campus to turn in a paper or something. How quickly the time has flown by!

This is what I was actually doing on my 19th birthday:

That's right, my BFFs blindfolded me, dressed me in a crazy getup, put this sign on my back, and took me to the boys dorms to get spanked. I like to think that they did this out of love.

I don't have unreasonably high birthday expectations- it's not like I demand that Ben shower me with gifts, plan a party, and become my slave for the day... I just like to have a good day and definitely some cake.

That being said, I still have a few hopes for tomorrow... here is my birthday wish list to Ben:

1. This lovely locket. Since becoming a mama I have become unbelievably sentimental and whatnot. All I want is to have this necklace to put pictures of Ben and Dylan in each side. 

2. Dinner at Communal


 3. Take night time baby duty allllll night. Lemme get my rest.


Ashley said...

Love the locket! What a great's beautiful. I hope you get it!

Anonymous said...

whatever, you should have had a birthweek. in fact you still can. happy day to you. you know i always remember your special day, because its my special day too. he he.

Terri and Jack said...

Happy Happy BIRTHDAY my sweet girl! If YOU think that 25 years has gone way too fast... just think of ME!! It seriously seems like just a few years ago when you were soooooo little!! In fact, last night I dreamed that we lived in Pittsburgh, and I was really upset that I hadn't seem Mrs. Yun or Mrs. Carlino in such a long time. In my dream, I was remembering when you used to play in the backyard for hours. Hmmmm.... memories.

sarahbclark! said...

cute necklace, where can it be found?

Courtney said...

awww! I love your mom's comment! :) How did we get so old?!