Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Apparently I just entered 2007.

Yeah... soooo... I may have just figured out how to get pictures from my phone to my computer. I realize that it's 2010 and most people were doing this at least 3 years ago. Yeah, I'm technology savvy like that. Here are some of my favorite pictures that have been on my phone for the past while:

Oscarpants facebooking with me.

Dylan and I right after we brought him home from the hospital on 10/1/09.

Sweet little boy.

His little smirk... learned from his father I'm sure.

Took this one yesterday. Such a happy bebe.

My cats have a love/hate relationship. This is an example of the love. In case you don't remember, this post is an example of the hate.


Jo-Dan said...

Ummm...maybe you can show me how to do that...I still don't know.

Lindsay Marie said...

i'm in the technology industry ( ha!) and still have not done that.

mostly b/c i thought it charged you to do that with sprint. does it? (and partially b/c my phone is gheeeeto and the pics are probably not worth having.)