Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ben is going to be so mad...

Against Ben's wishes, I am totally buying one of these:

You're seeing correctly, it's a crocheted hat for a kitty. Oscar and Moo NEED these. I figure that it's not fair that dogs get to have all the fun with their little sweaters and jackets. The felines need some love too.

Ben says that it's absolutely ridiculous and a waste of money to buy the cat hats. I say that I don't care, because I think that it's a waste of money to keep buying golf balls when you have over 200 in the basement. But whatev, it's not like I'm keeping score or anything.

Buy a cat hat here.


sarahbclark! said...

that is......interesting.

Morgan said...

I hear ya on the golf balls. I ask him every time he buys a new box "do you really lose them that often?" to which he replies..."these are really good golf balls?" Really, pretty sure they are all the same.

I do like the cat hats though. Penny would have hated it...but they are cute.

stacey said...

We don't have a cat, and I'm not particularly a cat person but I think they're cute.