Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Making it our own.

Now that we've been at our new place for a few weeks and have had the chance to mostly unpack and catch our breath, we can start thinking about the projects that we want to work on in order to make our new place feel like our own.

Luckily, there is nothing that has to be done in order to make our home livable, but there are quite a few things that need to be done to make it us.

There are big projects and little projects that I can't wait to get started on. Big being things like the bathroom:
Holy pink tile Batman!

Little things like changing out the kitchen cabinet fixtures:
I have about a million plans and am so ready to bring this house to 2010...or 2011...2012... however long these projects will take.


Sarah and Ty said...

love the pink tiles. so great. Your house looks so nice. I bet you are so happy!!!

Lindsay Marie said...


I can't wait to see it next time I come to town. I totally wish I was there so I could help you with some DIY projects.