Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Coming at you from day 5 of our Florida vacation. So far things have been great, despite getting off to a rocky start. Here's a rundown of our activities thus far:

Day 1: Travel day. Braved a 4 hour flight from Salt Lake to Orlando with a baby in tow. Must day, Dylan did great and managed to make new friends wherever he went. There was another six month old baby a few rows back from us and I am proud to report that Dylan was much better behaved on the flight and much cuter as well.

Day 2: Easter Sunday. Being that we were in a hotel, it was hard to have a typical Easter, but all the kiddos got baskets, the family hung out around the laptop to watch conference, and we hung around the hotel pool in the evening.

Day 3: This was Magic Kingdom/golf day for everyone except for me and Dylan. Why? I managed to get sick, so Dangerboy and I hung out at the hotel allllll day. Kind of a drag if you ask me. We checked into our condo later that afternoon. Discover that my camera is missing.

Day 4: Pool day at the condo. Golf for the boys. Hung out together, had a great time, watched the fire dancers perform at night. Day 2 of missing camera.

Day 5: Finally find camera! Mom, Sarah, and I had a girls day without the kiddos. We lunched and shopped all day at the Florida Mall. I think that we were at H&M for nearly two hours. Can someone explain to me why there is an H&M in Qtar, but not in Utah? Grrr...

More vacation updates (and hopefully a picture or two) coming later this week!


Jo-Dan said...

So sad you were sick...and sooooo jealous you have not been here!

Melissa Butler said...

i'm sooo jealous! florida sounds so warm... hope you guys have a blast