Sunday, August 8, 2010

10 months.

{you can see Dylan's nubby little front teeth in this picture}

Dylan's 10 month stats 
Length: 29 3/4 in (78th percentile)
Weight: 19 lbs 14 oz (25th percentile)
Head: 17 1/2 in (11th percentile)

My baby is already 10 months old and is quickly exiting baby land and is about to enter little boy land. Crazy! This also means that he has been out of my tummy longer than he was in, which is mind boggling to me, as pregnancy seemed to drag on and on, and Dylan's life has just flown by.

Dylan doesn't seem to have hit many new milestones in the past month, although he has gotten much better at the things that he has recently mastered. He is a lightening fast crawler and can stand alone for a few seconds before dropping to the ground. He is making more noises and babbles to himself on a regular basis. Also, he babbles to me and expects me to know what he's talking about.

Dylan has finally gotten to the point where he is interested in books and will sometimes just sit on my lap and let me read to him or show him pictures. 

Dylan is sweet and charming as ever and has such a fun personality. He is 100% boy and is already facinated with trucks and motorcycles. He has also shown attachment to his teddy bear that is in his crib, which is really cute.

I can't believe that he turns one in less than two months! Crazy! You better believe that party plans are already underway and it's going to be great!


Lindsay Marie said...

can't wait to see the party details.

that little dylan sure is a cutie. just like his mama :)

can't wait to see you, too!

Terri and Jack said...

I love the little man!