Sunday, August 22, 2010

Found myself a bargain.

Ever since we've moved into our house, I've had a pretty good idea about what I wanted to do as far as decorating the bedroom. So far the only thing that I've done is paint the walls, but I've been very excited about the decor. I've been wanting to do something with birds and needed to have some yellow, since I wanted to tie it in with the yellow of my throw pillows.

For the past few months I have been wanting to buy these two pictures from Z Gallerie for my bedroom wall:

The only thing that has held me back has been the price tag.... at $60 each, that was quite a bit more then I wanted to spend.

Imagine my excitement when I went to Tai Pan yesterday and found these beauties for just $12.97 each!
Birds- check, yellow- check! Love it!

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Terri and Jack said...

I find it interesting that you like pictures of birds.. considering that you do not like BIRDS at all! In fact-- don't you find them really really annoying?