Thursday, March 22, 2012

My thoughts on The Hunger Games movie.

{Yes they were, Ryan!}

Let me start out by saying that the odds were definitely in my favor on Wednesday afternoon. I had just finished a meeting in Orem, and I decided to swing by Yogurtland for an afternoon pick-me-up. I follow them on Twitter, and I knew they had been doing tons of giveaways for a Thursday night Hunger Games showing, but I hadn't won any tickets.

I got my yogurt (mint and cookies & creme, no toppings) and the manager asked me if he could get me anything else. Jokingly, I said, "How about a few tickets for The Hunger Games?" Imagine my shock when he said, "Sure, I have two in the back for you." Whaaaaat? Seriously, just like that. 

My boss/friend Jorden and I were able to see the 6:15 pm showing on Thursday and were able to breeze by the crazy midnighters who were already waiting in line, some dressed up in hilarious Capitol clothes. 

I'm not going to  spoil much, but here are my some of my observations and thoughts:

-District 12 was much more depressing and dreary than I imagined. Actually, it's kind of how I imagine The Great Depression in a small country town.
- Gale is dreeeeeeeeeeeamy. 
- Little District 12 details were missed, like Prim's goat, Madge, and drunk Haymitch at the reaping.
-Lots of cool bits on how the arena works and the people working behind the scenes. Seneca Crane had a much bigger role in the movie than in the books.
- Capitol people were ridiculous looking
-Stanley Tucci as Cesar Flickerman was genius. He was so enjoyable!
- The Cornucopia reminded me of the Batmobile from The Dark Knight
- Not enough time spent on getting to know some of the other Tributes. Not that there was much on them in the books, but I wanted to know more about them!
-Cato is a lunatic
- Yes, there was a little romance, but not as much as I expected. 
- Peeta was perfect. Just loved him.
- The mutts were freaky, but didn't have the "tribute" look to them.
- The movie definitely showed the beginnings to a big uprising.

Overall, I loved it. Definitely planning on seeing it again!


sarahbclark! said...

i knew i'd hear your thoughts on it asap! i'm going to see it in 2 hours, wheeeeee!

tracy said...

Thanks for your great review! I can't wait to go see it, and it is good to know that it was well done and well cast! Don't hate me, but I just couldn't stomach the Twilight movies (ugh...), but these were making me very, very hopeful and excited! Now youv'e made me even more excited! Yay!
Thanks cutie!

Kaley said...

I happened to have read a Hunger Games magazine cover to cover while still inside Walmart....anyway, in the magazine if I recall correctly they actually said they were basing district 12 on a type of Grapes of Wrath image. So, you're right! The Great Depression!

I just got home from it and I liked it, too, though I disagree about Peeta. I loved the actor, thought he was excellently cast. But I feel like they portrayed him as a sissy. Peeta is not a sissy. There wasn't the overall theme of him trying to protect her from the opening ceremonies through until the very end. I felt like they were showing him as weaker than she is, which he's not. Definitely warmer and more personable. But Peeta's a very strong guy both emotionally and physically. And I just didnt' see that in the movie as much as I would have like. That's what makes him great-he's a guy you can root for because he's soft but he's also strong.

Anyway...that was my biggest complaint. Oh, and the super weird friendly relationship between Haymitch and Katniss. That was definitely different in the book.

Chrissi said...

love your recap & i, too, loved the movie! seriously already excited for the next one...

PS, you have something to 'claim' over on my blog.

XO, the other chrissi

The Clems said...

Chrissi, I'm obsessed with peeta. I loved the movie too and have already seen it 2 times! So good. Can't wait til catching fire!