Friday, March 30, 2012

Before and After: Backyard and Such.

A few weeks ago, my parents came to visit. Their visits are always fun, and they always go by much too quickly. On this visit, my mom announced that she wanted to get a backyard play set for Dylan. Ben and I didn't have any complaints about this one- we knew that he would love it!

After looking around at a few different options, we decided on a great set that was on display at Costco. The price was much better than anything else we had seen, and the look and features of the set was great. When we  got all 6 enormous boxes home from Costco, we saw the 110 page instruction manual (ouch), and the estimated assembly time: 10-12 hours for the main set, 2-3 hours for the slide. Ben initially laughed at this and said that he and my dad would get it together in a few hours. Famous last words. 

Here is the before shot of my backyard.... pay no attention to the dead grass, scraggly growth, etc. It's a work in progress, right?



Fun, right? Dylan absolutely loves it- he calls it "Dylan's house" and has played in it each day. The neighbor kids love it too- it's been a party in our backyard for the past week or two. 

A million thanks to my wonderfully generous parents- Dylan loves it!


sarahbclark! said...

that looks so fun! perfect for dylan. how long did it end up taking?

Taylor Kowallis said...

i love it!!! So fun!! Yay Dylan! Love your parents!!

Taylor Kowallis said...
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Sarah said...

Um ready for a playdate please!! How fun is that playground & your parents! But you never told us how long it really took to put together. Curious!!

Lynette and Anthony said...

You don't know me but we are looking for a playset and this one looks fabulous. Can you tell me the name or model number? Thanks so much.

Happy Harrison said...

as soon as the first post was visable from the street, all the neighborhood was's no wonder the children have flocked to give their stamp of approval.
The first thing I said to Hilary when we were watching from my lawn was, "That's not a present for Dylan, that's a present for the mommy"...send the kid to the back yard, and get some alone time watching from the kitchen window. (he may be a bit young yet, but the day is not far in the me.)

Anonymous said...

henry just said. ah, i want that. is that dylan's house? so i told him that we could go visit and play with dylan on it. and hen says, no we should just get our own, there is another one at walmart... oh dear.