Tuesday, July 17, 2012


1. The weekend before last, my friend Stacey and I, along with our kiddos, headed down to Parowan for a girl weekend with our pal Heather and her kiddos. The weekend was low-key and tons of fun. We went to the park on Saturday evening and I snapped the most adorable picture of Dylan:
Goodness, my child is cute.

2. My July Birchbox arrived today and I am in love. Seriously, I feel like it's the best $10 spent every month out of the "frivolous, not necessary" category of my budget. Get excited for a full post on my box within the next few days.

3. Tonight I am making, without a doubt, the most fattening dinner I have ever made, slow-cooker beef short ribs. Remember the post about the amazing amount of beef we were given? Yep, I'm using it up. I'm trying my hand at beef short ribs, and I found a recipe with great reviews. The unfortunate part? It comes with nutritional information attached, which is appalling. Ugh, I didn't need to know. To prepare for said fatty meal, I went to the gym in the morning and had a spinach smoothie for lunch. Let's hope that this dinner tastes as good as it looks:

4. I stumbled upon this blog today thanks to my lovely sister Sarah. Yesterday we were talking about over the top parties and my unsuppressable (is that a word?) need for big, somewhat elaborate birthday parties. Dylan turns 3 in September and the idea of a low-key celebration is almost beyond my comprehension. I just love parties that much. Also, I realize that living in Utah Valley puts me in an odd bubble where a seemingly typical child party here equals ridiculous and over the top everywhere else. Such an odd place I live in.

5. I know that I'm a few years late to this party, but I really want a maxi dress (or 5!). I've always thought that at 5'4" I would be too short for a long dress to look flattering, but my mind has been changed. I've got my eye on this cute, inexpensive maxi from Old Navy:

6. On the same blog mentioned in #4, I found a free, hilarious printable that I definitely downloaded and sent to a few of my favorite out of town girls. Love this.

That's all I've got. Have a great Tuesday!


Sarah said...

Always fun to have a girls' weekend but I'm wondering why Parawon???

That dress is cute & for once I think I was ahead of the game on maxi dresses (this is NEVER a thing for me) but I think it's cause I just love them!! They are so comfortable & very flattering.

Did you read the 3rd or 4th comment down on the blog about the parties? One girl did not agree. LOL. I am in between. I love to celebrate but I think things can be excessive for sure...especially in Utah. But i thought Dylan's cowboy theme last year was adorable. Parties like that are always fun to attend!

Lindsay Marie said...

agreed! dylan is such a cutie! i can totally picture you making a similar face (and yes, you are a cutie, too.)