Friday, July 27, 2012

Recent Target gems + Why Target may think that I have a drug problem.

If you know me at all, you are aware of my love for Target. Despite making the contents of our bank account evaporate, Target is one of my very favorite places to go. I feel that going to Target is a very good exercise in self-restraint, as I could easily spend over $1000 per trip if I had my way, but nope, I'm a good girl and can restrain myself to $50-$100 per trip. See how much restraint I'm showing? Husband just does not understand. 

Anyway, here are a few gems that I picked up on my latest Target binge  trip:
This lovely melamine tray. How much do you all love this one? The colors are absolutely perfect for my kitchen, and the pattern is just so fun. I plan on sticking this bad boy in the middle of my kitchen table, topped with a few to-be-purchased accessories. 

Oh goodness, this hand soap has the best smell. Watch out, Bath and Body Works. It smells just like a yellow Skittle tastes, if that's possible. And it's cheap to boot, which is a double win. If they sold this soap in gallon jugs, I would definitely buy it, no lie. 

Are these cute little boy shoes or what? I'm telling you, it is not easy to find darling clothes or shoes for little boys. It's like the stores wasted all their creativity designing cute things for little girls that they just say, "Uhhhhhh, let's make a solid colored t shirt, slap an animal or superhero on it and be good to go." 

So when I find something like these cute shoes- you know, any clothes with a type of attractive material, pattern, or the like I am immediately pleased and feel a strong need to buy it. Luckily, Dylan was actually in need of new shoes, so I didn't feel frivolous picking these ones up. Done and done.

And on to part 2 of this post, "Why Target may think that I have a drug problem." Let's go back to January 2005. Ben and I had been married for about 5 seconds, and I was in desperate need of employment. I had filled out bunches of applications and had been called in for an interview at Target. I aced the interview, and was given a job. I accepted on the spot, and they told me that I would need to pass a drug test at a local drug testing site before I would be able to start my training. 

An hour after my job offer at Target, I had an interview with Dillard's. I aced this interview as well, and was offered a job. Wow, two job offers in one day! Great, huh? When I found out that Dillard's would be paying me about $2 more per hour, I accepted the job on the spot. 

I immediately discarded the idea of working for Target, as I was now a married adult child woman, who needed to make some money. I never completed the requested drug test, or even contacted anyone at Target about my change of heart. About a week later I received a letter in the mail stating that due to my lack of compliance with their company drug policy I would be terminated as an employee. Whoops.

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sarahbclark! said...

oh, don't lie about the drug test. you know you took that guy up on his offer for some "shrubbery" when i wasn't looking. :) just kidding.
i lOVE that tray! i saw it last week and was gazing longingly at all the things with that fun pattern. jealous!