Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This Boy...

 ... has been such a little star since becoming a big brother. I was so nervous about Owen coming and having to share my attention between Dylan and the baby. "I feel like I'm ruining his life!" was a thought that frequently ran through my head during my pregnancy. The idea of rocking Dylan's world in such a big way had me feeling super nervous and guilty. 

Seven weeks into being a big brother, I can say that Dylan's world, while different, has not been shattered. In fact, he already loves his baby brother so much. He has never once said a mean word to his brother and has been nothing but sweet and gentle toward him. He usually calls Owen "My Baby" and always wants to know where he is, or why he's crying. He has been absolutely wonderful as a big brother. 

Sure, he has his stinker moments- Dylan has definitely had times where his listening skills have gone out the window, or my sweet boy has been temporarily been replaced with a mischievous little gremlin. His time-outs have increased since Owen joined our family, and sometimes he cops some major attitude, saying things like, "You listen to me! I'm the boss!"  He's a three year old through and through- while there are definitely occasional rip-your-hair-out moments, there is so much happiness and sweetness too. 


Taylor Kowallis said...

awe I love this!! Im soooooo nervous as well with Emme! I dont know how she is going to handle a baby since she thinks shes the baby! And Nathan calls her the Sweet Baby, so Im hoping she will adjust like Dylan did!! They are so sweet! Cant wait to meet little Owen!!!

Hannah said...

Sooo precious.

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