Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bachelor, anyone?

For the first time in a few years, I've been watching The Bachelor. I started this season because I was hearing so much fuss about the newest bachelor, Jason. In a nutshell, he's fabulous.
What I really want to discuss is the drama, the tears, the pain.... and my predictions/opinions.
First, the predictions.
These are the two girls who I think have a shot at the win:
Melissa- she's so cute, right? Anyone else remember her from the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader show on CMT? Does that mean she's a reality tv junkie? Whatev, I like her. Jillian- my #2 choice. She just seems real and funny. I loved her "hotdog theory" on episode 1.

Aaaaand here are my opinions.

Shannon. Poor girl. You've been edited to look very unflattering. Like an odd stalker. "Hello Jason, I know your whole family tree and where they all sleep. BTW, I've already picked out my wedding dress and booked the venue for our reception."
Megan. All I can say is- not classy, not nice.
Also, you look prettier in this picture than you do on the show.


Ashley said...

I'm a total Bachelor junkie! Last year I pretty much thought Graham Bunn was hot and I would watch every week just to see him. It's okay, my husband supported me. Surprisingly he actually watches with me sometimes...I know, amazing, huh?! We pretty much feel exactly the same way about the girls as you do! I totally agree with your number 1 and number 2 choices...truthfully I think everyone else is stupid. Jared likes Jillian better...he thinks she's more down to earth. Stephanie gets on our nerves bad and we don't think Meagan is right for Jason...although I do think she's been given a tough go of things with the girls. I mean I would probably be defensive if all the girls voted me off on the first night too. I bet the editors have made Melissa and Jillian look so good because they are the two that go the farthest.
So you didn’t mention Stephanie. We call her the old lady...she’s not really that old, but for some reason she just seems really old to me. I think she is the nicest one of all. She should win Miss Congeniality. I felt bad when she was trying to be all romantic with Jason and he barely kissed her...I mean come on!
And lastly...Erica! Gag. All I have to say is she is 1000x worse than Meagan (more of trouble maker and less classy) and 1000x not as pretty. We're glad she’s gone cause we got tired of seeing her.
And now I feel sufficiently awkward that I’m this obsessed with reality television…but it’s just so fun.

Hollie and Darek said...

Chrissi, I LOVE THE BACHELOR..Melissa is a shoe in I think. Don't worry, I instantly recognized Melissa from Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on CMT..the fact that I recognize people from other reality shows crossing over made me take a step back and examine my life. Anyhoo, I can't wait to see what happens!

Erin said...

Chrissi....I am a bachelor junkie!

I can't stand Shannon, and its probably due to the editing...bad name for us hygienists!

I think the two you picked will make it pretty far with Jillian making it to the final two...but I also think Molly has a chance.

And don't forget...deanna who is way over-rated and needs to jump off a bridge is coming back soon...

sarahbclark! said...

i have no idea why he picked megan again. she's so not his type. and yeah, i keep forgetting that deanna comes back!
shannon looks kinda weird to me too. and i'm so glad erica is gone! she got on my nerves.
T says that stephanie scares him! i think she's pretty but it's the kind that's a little weird at first. like a cartoonish, overdone type of pretty.
but at this point i start getting uncomfortable because he's going to be making out (and more) with all of them and i think that's icky and wrong.

Angela and Mike said...

I also kinda like that blondish hair girl. I'm having a hard time picking the top girls. It's hard to figure out this season. After a few more girls go, I think the competition is going to get tight.