Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Date night... I give up.

Last night was date night for Ben and I. He's a student and takes night classes Tues-Fri (yes, he seriously has class until 8 pm every Friday night... it kinda sucks), so by process of elimination, Monday is date night. Slash FHE night... minus the FHE. {Mom, you cannot scold me about not having FHE 'cause I think we had FHE all of 10 times throughout my life... and watching Touched by an Angel together does not count}

Anyway, we had date night last night. I wanted to go to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner, but Ben was a stick-in-the-mud and didn't want to drive all the way to Sandy (seriously, it's like a 30 minute drive, if that). He asked me to pick another place, so I picked this little burger joint called Sammy's in Provo. I had never been there, but I'd read a blurb about it on someone's blog, which made me a little interested in eating there.

So onto Sammy's we went. When we pulled up, we throught that it was closed. There was no one in the restaurant except for one individual who was sleeping on the counter. A little skirvy if you ask me. Needless to say, we didn't even get out of the car.

Now we're zero for two on my dinner ideas... I finally gave up on thinking of a fun place to eat so we just dragged our sorry selves to Bajio. By that time I was so hungry that I didn't care if I was going to eat a burrito or just a piece of cardboard... just give me some food.

In the end it was fun, because hello, it's date night. We ended the evening with some shopping at Borders and then watching The Bachelor, which was DVR'd. No commercials. Booya.


Nici said...

I feel your pain! Ryan goes to school M-Th till 8pm. We only have the weekends. School sucks! And tell Ben I drive out to 1300 S in SLC everyday and that makes the Cheesecake Factory really close! We drive to Sandy all the time (maybe not all the time) but quite a bit to have Texas Roadhouse...it just so happens that all goods things take 30 minutes to get there!

Nici said...

Oh, and we are fans of the Bachelor also...even Ryans watching it. More because he saw the drama that the commericals showed and and you know how it is...some times you can't look away from the train wreck even if you try!

sarahbclark! said...

i can't believe ben will watch the bachelor with you.
i'm excited for MY date night this friday! it's been so long!

Erin said...

Yummy, date night worthy restaurants in your area:

Goodwood BBQ University Mall Parking Lot

Carrabas University Mall Parking Lot

Macaroni Grill somewhere in Orem, or maybe Provo

Ruby River: Provo Towne Center Parking lot

712 Pizza (somewhere on state street in Orem)

Los Hermanos State Street Pleasant Grove; Center Street Provo

ah there are more but brain is not functioning!