Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bakeries = joy

Last Thursday, my co-worker pal Allison and I took a trip to the newly opened Sweet Tooth Fairy bakery in Provo. I had read a little buzz about this place on a few blogs that I stalk (hello, these blogs are not "personal, family blogs," they are more general than that... sorry, this helps with the blog-stalk justification).


People, you must all go to the Sweet Tooth Fairy. If you don't live in Utah Valley, buy yourself a plane ticket. This place is life changing. Try one of their cake bites and you will agree. I really think that my cookie and cupcake baking days are over, because I fully plan on buying from this bakery... and I'm just looking for a reason to go again.


Erin said...

Where is this place! Actually don't tell me, I need not know! I have some excess baggage I need to leave behind!

Saduq and Serena said...

I love cake. I love ice cream. I could probably eat both everyday. Good thing my husband isn't a big fan of sweets otherwise I probably would!

Anonymous said...

mmm cake bites. sound so good. all the time. too bad they are not filled with meat. we should get some for the expo. ps they make bundt.