Saturday, February 7, 2009

Best Friday Ever.

Seriously, it was the best day. Here's the rundown:

10:30 am- go to the Shade Warehouse Sale in PG. OH MY GOSH. It's amazing! I went a little overboard and bought 15 shirts, but I couldn't believe the sale. My smart sister Sarah likened the Shade sale in Utah Valley to sample sales in NYC. It was absolute pandemonium.

12:30 pm- lunch at Noodles with my favorite partner in crime, Brent. Love him. Lunch was immediately followed by yogurt at Red Mango. Yum. I think I'll go to Red Mango again today.

2:05 pm- Brent and I see "He's Just Not That Into You." The movie was fab, but the surroundings were not. Let me explain...

Brent and I were sitting in the second to the last row in the back. Behind us were a group of young moms with their 1-3 year old children. I'd say 3 moms, 3 kids. All purposely spread out over the whole back row. Throughout the movie, the kids would scream, cry, yell things to their moms, shake our chairs, stick their arms between the chairs, peek over the tops of our chairs at us.... you get the picture. It was awful. After the movie, Brent actually did what I wanted to do. He stood up and turned around to the closest mommy behind us. Here's the dialogue:

Brent: Excuse me, are those your children?
Mommy: Yes, one of them is.
Brent: Well, their running around made the movie awful for me.
Mommy: (calmly) I'm sorry sir.
Brent: Well it was awful
Mommy: (suddenly infuriated) Excuse me sir?!? Are you a parent?
Brent: As a matter of fact, I am. (lie)
Mommy: (still infuriated) Well then you must know how difficult it can be to get a
Brent: (calm) Oh I know, but when I can't get a sitter then I don't go out. I don't take my child to the movie with me and disturb others.

Seriously, if you can't get a sitter, DO NOT take your child to a 2 hour movie, unless you are sure that they will be able to sit semi-quietly and not disturb everyone around them. If you want to see a movie, rent one. End of rant.

The day was still good after the movie debacle, I promise. See?

5-7 pm- play Mario on the Wii with Brent and Benjamin

7 pm- dinner at Pizzeria 712. You know how I feel about this place. Love.

8:30-bedtime- More Mario, watch "Swing Vote"

Sorry for the insanely long post, but it was a really great day. Props to you if you actually read it all.

My partner in crime and I.


Crazy McWife said...

I respect people who take their kids out in movie theaters when they start acting up or screaming. I watched "He's just not that into you" too lastnight, and there was a baby that was crying- I'm glad i wasn't next to it! LOL! But the mom did take it out, so that made me happy. :) I thought it was a great movie! I'm glad you enjoyed it too!

Heather and Billy said...

So were they all single moms that were out with their kids? Because I get the needing to get out thing. And I get the not finding a sitter thing but still being desperate to get out. I even get alotting yourself extra space at a movie to let the kids roam a bit. However, I have taken my kids to plenty of movies and I know that they will not sit through a non-family movie. It's boring! And if they run around or start pulling on other people's chairs and being a nuisance then we go sit on the ground by the door (if they're lucky). The only movies I have taken my kids to without their dad was family movies held here during the day specifically as a cheap, get the kids out of the heat activity. And then it's specifically a kids' event.
Anyway, I WAS just going to write that you look super cute in that bottom pic.

sarahbclark! said...

it's one thing to take the kids to a kid movie. totally another to bring them to an adult rom/com. completely inappropriate, i think. i'm glad brent used his calmly authoritative flight attendant voice in the situation, rather than you using your chewing-out-DCFS-moms voice. :)
yay for shade sale!
yay for pizza and yogurt. (by the way, wyatt calls yogurt "yo-wah")

Sarah & Ty said...

ahhhhh I missed the sale! dang it. way to go brent. haha. Seriously why would you take a toddler to that movie? And where were the hubbies? maybe they didn't have them, but c'mon I'm a mom and that's a DUH.

Sarah & Ty said...

and it was opening night for the movie, right?