Wednesday, March 18, 2009


About a million years ago I was tagged in a "photo tag." I can't remember if I was supposed to post the 7th picture in my 7th photo album, or just my 7th picture period... anyway, here's my 7th picture from my 7th album:
I'm so happy that this was my 7x7 picture! This is my beloved dog, Taffy. I had her from age 10-23. She was the best dog, despite her eating disorder. By eating disorder I mean that she was in love with chocolate. Yes, it made her terribly sick, but she couldn't get enough of the stuff (or maybe she was just suicidal).
As you may notice, Taffy has some brightly colored hair in between the "eyebrows." That's my handiwork, as I found great satisfaction from giving my dog a little color. Doesn't it add a little something extra? I think so.


Thomas and Melissa said...

I heart Taffy. She was the best dog even if she wasn't mine. Thanks for the memory!

Terri and Jack said...

Aww- sweet Taffy. It's been almost a year!