Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Add it to my wish list...

Did anyone else know that there were thermometers that could read your temperatures by putting them on your forehead? Yeah, neither did I. I was just perusing the Target website (as I do on a near-daily basis) and found this little gadget.

Taking Dylan's temperature has always been a fight... he wants to know what is in his ear and tries to turn his head to see what's going on. Trying to hold his head in place results in screams. Another issues that I have with our current ear thermometer is that it always says that Dylan's temp is between 97 and 98 degrees... even when I know that he has a fever. An inaccurate thermometer is pretty much good for nothing, right?

Anyway, I think that I'm going to have to order this Mobi thermometer... I'll have to justify it as an essential healthcare need for Dylan. That should work on the husband, right?


sarahbclark! said...

we got one (different brand) at target for around $30. much easier than any other method!

Janna said...

That's what our doctor uses. That kind of termometer uses the temporal artery to scan for the temp - it's actually supposed to be the most accurate way to check someone's temp besides one way in which I won't mention! :)

Wal-Mart has them too. I got one for my friend a few years ago and she says she LOVES it.