Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend recap.

1. Dylan got in big trouble for the first time on Saturday. What did he do? He bit the cat. Poor Oscar has shown Dylan a great deal of trust lately and was actually letting Dylan pet him. Little Dylan had to mess up a good thing by sinking his little teeth into Oscar's back... poor cat.

2. Ben and I watched The September Issue. It's a documentary on the making of Vogue's September issue of the magazine.... apparently it's the biggest issue of the year. It was way interesting to see what goes into making a high end fashion magazine and I didn't even have to convince Ben to watch it with me, because he was interested too.
3. We decided to try out one of Orem's newer Italian joints, Cafe Paesan. It seemed like an Italian version of Cafe Rio, with the same style of ordering and whatnot. Ben and I both had pasta- his with sausage and pesto, me with chicken and pomodoro sauce. It was good, but not great, although they give you a ton of food.

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