Thursday, June 30, 2011

Celebrity sighting... maybe.

This afternoon I was driving around for work and I was headed toward a patch of road construction. I headed toward a road construction worker who was smiling and waving at people as they drove past.

I'm telling you, the man that was smiling and waving was Kevin Bacon! Seriously, for the 2.5 seconds that I saw him, my jaw was dropped as I couldn't believe that I was seeing Kevin Bacon! I immediately called Ben to tell him my exciting news, and for some reason he wouldn't believe me. He asked me why in the world Kevin Bacon would be in American Fork, UT, as well as why in the world he would be doing road work while he was here. 

My answer: I don't know. Possibly researching a role? Or I guess that it's possible that Kevin has a twin who happens to be a road worker in American Fork. Sue me.

To make matters worse, hubs called me a few hours later all excited to tell me that he had seen Meryl Streep driving a school bus down the road. Thanks, ya jackwagon. 

Has anyone else had a maybe-possibly celebrity sighting in a random place? Do tell!


Terri and Jack said...

A few years ago... well maybe even 10 or 12 years ago- Dad and I were returning from the Kentucky Derby. I was sitting in the Louisville airport... REALLY tired because it was 6:00 am. I decided to go to this little area behind this partition to get a lttle sleep before the plane left. I sat down beside this guy, and dad sat down next to me. I was sort of snoozing - then did poked me and whispered... "do you know who is sitting next to you?". I blearily turned my head... and it was JOHN GOODMAN. Yes, he was the guy I was rubbing elbows with! The funny thing... we went to the same high school and knew some of the same teachers and people! He is a few years older than me... but we grew up in the same area.

The Clems said...

my dad sees kevin bacon all the time in NY! crazy!

in 2009 i saw Jordana Brewster (fast and furious fame) at the american fork el pollo loco drive through. no joke! i was right behind her and could see her face in her side view mirrors. when i drove up i asked the cashier if that was her and he said yes and that she came there a few times before. so random! maybe she has family here? my sister saw eliza dushku a few times at a nursing home where she worked. her grandmother was there. eliza used to be mormon...

i love celeb sightings!

Jake and Em said...

haha! this is too funny! I have one as well, that Jake totally makes fun of me's a little like your KB sighting...I was on the treadmill at the YMCA in Summit, NJ and I swear Brett Favre was running next to me! haha! I'm laughing even saying this out loud! BUT, we knew he lived in Summit while playing for the Jets so it is a possibility! and he had a hooded sweatshirt on with the hood up...hello trying to be sneaky!!

Kaley said...

I got it! So Utah is famous for rehab places, right? Maybe he came here for rehab and as part of his recovery process, he had to do community service, read: road work. Done.