Monday, June 20, 2011

Peace out to the pink.

After 14 months of living in our house, we have finally gotten started on our first major home improvement- the upstairs bathroom! I have wanted to re-do this bathroom since the day we purchased our home. If you've seen our bathroom then you know why. I'm all for pink- it's my favorite color after all- but pink toilet, tile, and flooring are waaaay beyond my favorite color preferences. 

Thanks to Ben's sweet trade-work skills, this has to be one of the most budget-friendly remodels around. Seriously, the costs incurred on this project have been minimal thus far. We're doing a ton to this little space- new floor, new tile, new toilet, new sink.... basically the tub and the vanity are the only things surviving this remodel. 

You want to see my Pepto-Bismol nightmare? Here ya go!

 Seriously, woof.

And here's what the bathroom looked like as of Monday morning:
Holy demo, Batman! I'm proud to say that I ripped at least half of the tile off the wall by myself (well, me + hammer + crowbar). 
As of Monday night the new floor has been completed and the bath tile man is coming at 10 am Tuesday. Wahoo! Stay tuned for some awesome after pictures!


Megan Payne said...

I CAN NOT WAIT to see the after pictures!!!!

Lori said...

Happy for you! I know you did not like that bathroom! It needs to fit the rest of your cute house. ;)

sarahbclark! said...

are you painting the cabinet?

stacey said...

Did you know there's a website devoted entirely to these pink bathrooms? I guess there's some people who love them and want them restored and such.

stacey said...

Ok, here's the website.