Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday, go away.

The Harris fam had another great weekend, and once again I am annoyed that the work week has already come around. What I wouldn't give to be independently wealthy and not have to do that thing called work. 
{Dream on}

Ben's younger brother Ryan came into town, which meant that I was a golf widow for the better part of the weekend. I was ok with this for the most part, except when they were over an hour late coming home on Friday night. Compound their lateness with the fact that I had spent hours on an amazing dinner that had since turned cold and you get a lady that is absolutely seething with anger. Seriously, whatever pent up rage I had inside my soul gathered together and lashed out at the husband. Wasn't pretty. 

Not to worry though- my emotions are back in a healthy range and things have been worked out with the previously mentioned late golfer husband.

Anyway, back to the weekend. The delish meal that I mentioned was pulled pork tacos- check out the recipe here. Ahhhhhmazing. 

Here are a few snaps of our weekend:
Going down the slide like a big boy!

Not sure which one Dylan loves more- his Uncle Ryan or the garden hose.

Lovebirds. Tweet tweet.

Dylan looked so cute before church on Sunday. I love his H&M shirt and tie with his Converse sneakers! Too bad he was not thrilled with getting his picture taken. It's a bummer that flash photography is probably frowned on during Sacrament meeting... Dylan was in rare form today. The kid spent the better part of the meeting dancing on the pew. 

PS- Is anyone else ridiculously excited about Harry Potter coming out next month? Cannot wait. 
PPS- What do you all think about the Bachelorette this season? I found the most hilarious assessment of Bentley (as well as a broader assessment of Mormon d-bags) on the blog "Mormon Child Bride." Please check it out here and get ready to laugh. 


sarahbclark! said...

loved the MD blog post, thanks for linking it. i've known quite a few of them, and can think of a few that are married to people i know. one in particular.

also, i'm so glad you made the sweet pork tacos! they are my new favorite recipe, and i'd be mad if my husband (or whoever i was waiting on) was super late for them too.

dylan looks adorable!

Taylor Kowallis said...

YUM, I might have to make those tacos!
And I have NEVER been so excited for a movie in MY LIFE!!! I think we should go see it together! (hint hint, come to Vegas ;)

Megan Payne said...

I LVOE the pic of RYan and Dylan, and Dylan is SUCH A HUNK in him church outfit. Plus, I'm watching bachelorette, and ....WOW! Ashley was NOT my choice for bachelorette, BUT i hope she wizes up and realized BENTLEY is an MD.

Sarah said...

LOL about the emotional breakdown. That would have been me for sure. Sad to admit, but true. Is that slide in your backyard? Fun. Dylan is adorable. I love little boys all dressed up.