Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let me talk about myself a little more, ok?

I found this on a blog that I may or may not stalk on the regular and I thought that it was one of the more unique of the "about me" survey things...

Ambition: To be a good and happy anchor to my family and to make my life and home a magical place. Yes, I know that I sound like Snow White. 
Bad Habit: Picking at my cuticles, not returning phone calls
City: Orem, UT
Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper... I'm addicted again.
Education: Bachelor's in Marriage, Family, and Human Development. I swear, all of my classes were at least 90% female.
Food: cereal.... usually 2 bowls each day. Lately I've been all about fruit... grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe. 
Guilty Pleasure: celebrity trash (magazines, reality shows, etc.)
Hometown: Columbus, IN
Ice Cream: Mmmmm cake batter from Coldstone
Jonesing for: vacation! Get me away from my job!
Kryptonite: 40% off sales at Gap 
Look-a-like: Haven't heard anything in awhile, but I've heard Tara Reid (pre-trainwreck) and Hayden Panettiere in the past. Nah, I don't see it.
Movie: Harry Potter 7 part 2.... counting down the days.
Nickname: Chrissi, Chris, Christanka, and the obnoxious ones that Ben calls me but I won't list here.
Obsession: Dylan Danger
Perfume: Escada Moon Sparkle
Quirk: Don't like cherries or oranges, but I love cherry and orange flavored things.
Regret: Luckily I have no big regrets... just little ones like going to bed too last last night.
Starbucks: Pumpkin Spice Steamer... one of my true joys when fall comes around
Thrift Find of the Year: Ummm none. I'm a thrifting reject.
University: Brigham Young University
Vacation: Family reunion at Zion's National Park next month... let's hope I don't overheat and die.
Whine: When do I get to work part time and stay home with Dylan more?
X: X... what? Husbands? I don't have any. 
Years: 26
Zen: My family.  They're my happy place.

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Anonymous said...

x. duh. your beloved work nickname. whether you like it or not. :)